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Yuanping Aston 


Located in Shanxi, Yuanping is a city with over 2000 years of history, yet virtually unknown to outside world. Yuanping has all four seasons, with temperate, dry winters followed by comfortable spring and summers. Two mountain ranges surround Yuanping.


Yuanping was the former border between China and Mongolia, heavily influenced by Zhao, Qin, and Han Dynasties, historical sites decorate the landscape, sites such as mountain top monasteries, temples, and much more. A portion of the original Ming Dynasty Great Wall stands just north of Yuanping.


Just over 500,000 inhabitants live in and around Yuanping. A former manufacturing based, the majority of the businesses in Yuanping now are focused on the service economy. This is truly an intersection of where old China and modern China meet. The city still preserves its small town feel with friendly locals, and by keeping virtually everything within walking distance. Yuanping has all the amenities one would need including hot springs, hiking trails, movie theaters, parks, gyms, KTVs (karaoke/bars), restaurants from all over China, a real wanderers’ paradise.


 With premier access to travel with the recent addition of the a “G-Train” line running from Beijing to Taiyuan, Yuanping puts you close to endless travel opportunities. Pingyao, Xi’an, Beijing, the far West, Inner Mongolia, and many more are within a reasonable train ride away.


The local cuisine consists of many different types of noodles, dumplings, “stuffed pancakes”. Street vendors line the busy walking streets with food choices from all over China. There are even a few Western Style restaurants. Mongolian style Hot Pot is available throughout the city as well. 





Yuanping Aston opened its doors in July 2017. A young team made up of both Western and Chinese staff, they are eager to prove themselves in a new market. They are dedicated to providing a fun learning environment for the students, and a supportive atmosphere for the teaching staff.


The school is located near downtown, surrounded by many restaurants. The school has spacious classrooms, activity rooms, and a newly furnished teachers’ office. Yuanping Aston is the first professional English training school in the area.






-Endless beautiful hiking trails

-Wide variety of Chinese food available

-Ming Dynasty Great Wall very close by

-Well preserved ancient temples, buildings, and monasteries

-Just north of the ancient city of Pingyao (2 hours away)

-Travel destinations close by: WuTaiShan (2 hours), Xi’an (6 hours), Taiyuan (2 hours), Yungang Grottoes (2 hours), Datong (2.5 hours)



Located just a five-minute walk away from the school, the apartment is at the center of the restaurant district of Yuanping. The newly furnish apartment has a Western style toilet, and bed mattress. The focus of Yuanping Aston is to ensure the comfort of the foreign teacher. The apartment is 90m2. The kitchen, bed rooms, and living room are spacious. The apartment also gets a good amount of sunlight throughout the day.



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