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Xining is the capital city of the Qinghai Province in the People’s Republic of China. Located on the eastern side of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and surrounded by mountains the city is absolutely stunning. It has a population of about 2.3 million people and is a fast growing and developing city with a great balance between modern China and cultural history. Xining Aston was opened in 2007 and soon became the household name in English education within the city. In 2018 Aston opened up a second school in the city. Location 1 has about 400 students while location 2 has about 150 students. Our students range from the ages of 4-16 years old.


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Our schools

Some formal details:

1. Names: Xining Aston English School (Location 1 and Location 2)

2. Location: Either side of People Park Xining City, Qinghai Province.

3. Opened in 2007 and 2018 respectively our student numbers are constantly growing. Our schools are extremely modern and technologically savvy. All our classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards and the most up to date modern teaching resources. Our students range from 4-16 years old giving teachers the chance to teach a variety of age groups and develop all round teaching skills. Our schools conduct weekly meetings and workshops to constantly assist our teachers and with a foreign manager on site and a capable regional team our teachers have constant support, whether it be with teaching classes or settling into life in China. Our schools have 4 foreign teacher and foreign manager for both locations. Location 1 has 11 Chinese staff members while Location 2 has 7 Chinese staff members. All our Chinese staff are very friendly, welcoming and extremely helpful.


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Your apartment

Our apartments are clean, modern and fitted with all essential amenities and of course Wi-Fi and a western toilet.  All our apartments are about a 15-minute walk from location 1 and about a 15-minute taxi ride or 25 minute bus ride from location 2. Getting to public transport from your apartment will take less than 2 minutes and it is only about a 2 minute walk to the local supermarket where you will find everything you need and some international products too! 



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Why you will love Xining

With clear blue skies and surrounded by mountains the city is extremely beautiful and picturesque.  The city offers the perfect mix of modern china blended with cultural history. The city is also fairly westernized with lots of foreign and international chains and brands scattered throughout the city. The local food is simply delicious and extremely cheap. Many tastes of home are also easily found with a large amount of international and foreign restaurants. The city also has a fairly large expat community giving teachers the opportunity to meet people and friends from all over the world. 


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Things to do

The city’s mountainous location and rich history means there are lots of different attractions and things to do in the city. Lake Kokonor, Museum of China Tibetan Medicine Culture, Xining Nanshan Mountain, Nanchan Temple, Tulou Temple, Bird Island, People’s Park, Qinghai Lake, Chaka lake just to name a few. All are near the city and a short bus ride away. The city also has an amazing nightlife with lots of different clubs, bars and restaurants. The city’s foreign community readily visits these places and they are great for meeting fellow foreigners and locals too! The city also has many gyms, sport centers, and skiing and go karting. If you are an outdoors person Nanshan Mountain and Chaka Lake are great places to take a hike.

Xining’s location means that teachers can travel to nearby cities such as Xi’an and Lanzhou. Xi’an is four hours away by speed train and Lanzhou the capital city of the Gansu province is one hour by train. Other major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are also a short flight away.  


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Getting around

Getting around the city is easy and cheap. Taxi’s are everywhere and will take you anywhere. Taxi’s start at 8RMB and the costs vary depending on the distance of your destination. The city also has an amazing bus service. Bus’s run along pre-determined routes and cost only 2RMB. The city also has a state of the art train station. From the station you can access both regular and high-speed trains. Catching a train to Lanzhou costs only 58RMB while a train to Xian costs about 230RMB. The city has an International airport, which is about a 30-minute bus ride from the city center. This means catching a flight to a destination of your choice is easy and convenient.



“I have been with the Xining branch of Aston since 2017 with no sign of me leaving anytime soon. Since joining the company I can safely say that it has been a privilege to work with an amazing team both Foreign and Chinese. Xining Aston has a wonderful work environment full of excitement. The Chinese staffs are also very helpful and are easy-going making for a friendly and comfortable work environment. The school also provides great opportunities to improve our teaching abilities by holding various workshops. However the best thing about working here at Aston Xining is the opportunity to meet and interact with the various students that walk through our doors. If you are an adventurous person, love teaching and encouraging students, and have an open mind to try new exciting things, come on over to Xining Aston, where the good times never end.”

Bryan Narcis (New Zealand)


“I’ve been at Xining Aston Location 2 for almost 1 year. The fact of coming to China was very daunting at first but I arrived in Xining after three long days of traveling. We arrived in a clean and spacious beautifully furnished apartment where we would have our first well-deserved rest after all our flights. We were welcomed by our fellow foreign teachers later that day who accompanied us to our first bite of Chinese cuisine at a restaurant near our apartment. The following day we set foot to Xining Aston Location 2 for observations in the classroom before we started our initial training. The staffs were very friendly and polite and would later be a great team to work with, although the language barrier is a bit of a bummer but it does not keep the work from flowing. The kids are a dream to work with together with the Chinese Teachers who are with me in the class. The staff is really great and do assist you with any problem that should arise, if any. Overall very accommodating, caring and considerate of you being away from home in another country and always the willingness to help you. The kids can be a bit naughty at times but it’s really a joy to teach them. Pollution is not an issue in Xining, almost everyday is clear skies. Although Xining is a big City it is a good city to save as well, food is rather cheap if you make use of the local food restaurants and is good too. Further more getting around the city is a breeze if it is by taxi or by the convenient situated bus stops around the city to just hop on and off where you want to be. For traveling Xining has a railway station with a fast train to get to your next destination in a few hours or if you prefer to fly the airport is situated a few kilometers outside the city. The city is also equipped with activities in and around the city, if it be sight seeing, the Qinghai Lake, Chaka Salt lake or just to go skiing. For the shopaholics loads of shopping centers and shops are located across the city. Life in Xining is good, easy and very convenient for first time travelers to China “.

Clement van Breda (South Africa)


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