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Yinchuan ASTON

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region



School Name: Yinchuan Aston School

Location: Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

Address: Jinning North Street, Yinchuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China


Welcome to Yinchuan Aston! Founded in 2005, our schools have been operating for nearly 15 years. Presently, there are 4 Aston English schools in Yinchuan with nearly 2500 students, more than 70 Chinese teachers and staff and 13 foreign teachers.  We warmly welcome you to Yinchuan, a very inclusive city. Our staff are enthusiastic, energetic, professional, open-minded and deeply in love with education.



Chinese teachers and foreign teacher celebrate kids’ birthday


Chinese teachers and foreign teachers traveled to Chengdu


Chinese teachers and foreign teachers did activities


Where is Yinchuan?

Yinchuan is the capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. It’s the military, political, economic, cultural, transportation and financial hub of the region. Located in the central part of Ningxia Plain in Northwest China, Yinchuan is couched between the Helan Mountains in the West and the Yellow River in the east. It is a developing regional central city and the permanent host of China’s Arab Exposition.


What is there to do?

All of our schools are located in central Yinchuan. Traditionally, this part of the city is  concentrated with businesses, restaurants, supermarkets and fast-food stores.


Hang-out spots:

Zhong Shan Park (中山公园) is located in XingQing Distict,Yinchuan. It’s one of the  most scenic spots in Yinchuan. The shady garden and the scattered pavilions attract a large number of visitors every day.


What is there to eat and drink?

As you might imagine, there are lots of great places to grab a bite to eat in the area. Being a Muslim-oriented area, some restaurants are Halal and obviously don’t serve pork (nor donkey, horse, or dog). Most of these restaurants have a green sign with white writing on them, and you’ll see several recommended restaurants below. You’ll find plenty of great places to eat while in Yinchuan, but here’s a list to get you started.  Many of the names given to these restaurants were created by foreign staff and are not a translation of the Chinese name.


Fried Dumplings Restaurant  大妈饺子馆 (Da Ma Jiao Zi Guan)
This large restaurant on Hubin street serves delicious pan-friend dumplings as well as a large variety of dishes. Reasonable prices and a menu with pictures.


Haggis 羊杂碎 (Yang Za Sui)

You can see many small restaurants specializing in haggis. It’s very similar to the Scottish dish of stuffed sheep organs. It may take some time to develop a taste for it but it’s healthy and clean. Slowly, you may find that you love it.


Huai Yuan Night Market 怀远夜市(Huai Yuan Ye Shi)

This is a well-known night market, especially for its snacks, located on the Wen Cui Street in Xixia District, near by the Ningxia University. The most popular snacks are Xinjiang mutton (yang rou chuan), beef cakes (niu rou bing) and hot strips of HuaiYuan.


Wu Yu Tai Restaurant 吴裕泰(Wu Yu Tai)

This famous chain restaurant, is famous for its beautiful environment and delicious dishes with Chinese characteristics. You will enjoy eating here and it’s suitable for meeting with friends.


Where can I go shopping?

The main shopping areas in Yinchuan are on Xinhua Street, near the drum tower.  In the last year, several new supermarkets have opened that cater to more western tastes.

BHG Market
The best selection of western food products within walking/cycling distance, located at the intersection of Hubin and ZhongShan Streets: great selection of cheese, condiments, cereals and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). There’s also a great prepared foods section.


Lao Da Lou  老大楼(Lao Da Lou)

One of the most popular department stores in Yinchuan, located on the corner of Jiefang Street and Minzu Street across from the China Post, has a large supermarket as well as clothing and electronics sections and western-style cosmetics mall. There’s a good selection of frozen and fresh seafood, and a limited but growing selection of western items.


Metro 麦德龙(Mai De Long)
Similar to a Sam’s Club, Costco or other western megastores that sell in bulk and require memberships. Foreigners can get a free membership and partake in the best selection of foreign and hard-to-find items in Yinchuan.


Wanda Plaza 万达广场 (Wan Da Guang Chang)

Recently opened, this western-style shopping mall has lots of upscale clothing shops as well as an IMAX theater, arcade, Pizza Hut, steak house, Japanese restaurant and much more.


Where else can I go close to Yinchuan?




108 Pagodas

Tibetan style pagodas about a two and a half hour bus ride southwest of Yinchuan.


China Western Film Studios

About a 30 minute bus ride (bus 303) from the train station, the film studio can make for an interesting day trip.  Visit movie sets and maybe even participate as an extra in a Chinese movie production!



This is the site of a Buddhist temple and a section of the Great Wall, ideal for hiking.  This small town can provide a nice break from Yinchuan, and there’s also a tailor here that can make affordable, good quality clothes.



A small settlement in a valley with many small temples and mosques surrounded by 2000+ meter peaks with plenty of walking trails (paved and unpaved). Admission is 10 RMB.


GuYuan  固原

This city is about an hour south of Yinchuan, and is the gateway to the Xiumishan Buddhist Grottoes. There are 132 caves with over 300 Buddhist statues carved into stone. If you have time, you can also reach out to our foreign teachers at our GuYuan Aston school!


Helan Shan

Just outside Yinchuan is the Helan Mountain Range. There are plenty of hiking opportunities from short trips on paved paths to multi-day wilderness treks. Apart from hiking, there are several places of interest within the range itself.


Muslim Museum

This museum features a mini Taj Mahal and other Muslim artifacts. Most south-bound busses from the south bus station go here, and can make a stop by request.


Rock Carvings

Complete with an indoor (and air-conditioned) museum, here you can see ancient rock carvings on the valley walls.


Xixia Tombs

These tombs are over a thousand years old. Most guidebooks portray it as Yinchuan’s biggest attraction.  To get there, just take any Bayanhot-bound bus.

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