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Changchun is the capital of Jilin Province and is also known as the “Spring City of Northern China”. Located in the center of the Dongbei Grasslands, Changchun is one of the few cities in China with a sizeable minority population, consisting primarily of Manchurian, Hui, Mongolian, Xibao, Korean, and Xinjiang peoples. Here is the center of mainland China’s film industry and awesome collections of Japanese and European architecture.

It is a new city by Chinese standards with a history of just over 200 years. In the year of 1800, Emperor Jiaqing of Qing Dynasty selected a small village on the east bank of the Yitong River and christened it Changchun Ting. In 1889 the named was changed slightly to Changchun. It quickly became a major granary in the north due to its exceptionally fertile soil. Within a quarter of a century, it gained its fame as a major agricultural and soy-producing center of East Asia.

"Teaching at Changchun Aston has been an exciting adventure.  I enjoy the relationships with my co-workers and the students.  There's always something to do to occupy your time."  -Robert Ford, Foreign Teacher



Changchun Aston is in the downtown commercial district of the city. We opened our doors to the community in 2000 and have grown to become the undisputed leader of ESL in Changchun. Changchun Aston is one of the flagship schools in Northeast China. At Changchun Aston we have state-of-the-art smart board technology, flash cards, and a variety of teaching materials at your fingertips. 

Our family has grown to well over 1000 students, upwards of 20 office staff and a dedicated team of half a dozen foreign teachers.


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Changchun has a well-established (but small) foreign community and a number of these people have been with us for many years, giving us a continuity that our students and new teaching staff greatly appreciate. Our school has become famous for its relaxed educational environment and teaching quality. We offer teachers comfortable surroundings, professional atmosphere, extensive resources, and experience to assist with lesson planning, teaching, grading, etc.

"Teaching at Changchun Aston is like being home, away from home. We are a family, we don't see each other as coworkers, we see each other as friends and family. We even go on trips together to other cities in China sometimes." -Michael King, Foreign Teacher



Expats enjoy Changchun because of its laid-back atmosphere, it has four distinct seasons, and the summers aren't too hot. There are many entertainment options in the city and surrounding area. Whether travelling to nearby Harbin or Shenyang for a day of sightseeing, or a night on the town bar-hopping around the hip Guilin road area or even hiking at Changbai Mountain nature reserve and feeding the tigers tickles your fancy. There's something for everyone in and around Changchun.

Changchun is located in the center of Jilin Province, which borders the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, to the east, and a piece of Russia to the north, both of which are only a bus or train ride away. In winter, Harbin is only an hour away for the Ice Lantern Festival. The cost of living is fairly low, so saving money is easy. For those interested in keeping that beach bod, gyms can be found nearby. There's a bowling alley across the road in the Maxcourt Hotel. Or if you fancy a fix, a caffeine fix, that is, there's a Starbucks across from the Aston school location!


You can keep those latest looks from the catwalks at the trendy stores on Chongqing Road. H&M, Adidas, Nike, high-end make up and clothing stores are located at Charter and YaTai Shopping Malls. For the sports fan, Changchun has its own CBA team, and a Soccer team. In the winter skiing can be found at nearby Jing Yue Tan ecological park plus the centrally located Nan Hu Park has its own Ice Lantern Festival.

Changchun also has a movie amusement park. For the foodie, all manner of delicacies can be experienced in the city. For the fast foodie, there's an abundance of KFCs, McDonald's, Burger Kings, Pizza Huts, Subway and even a Papa John's. If you're in the mood for Chinese Anything you want is within your grasp. The Chinese food of Northeast China is very hearty. Full of meat and potatoes with many farm-to-table veggies. Stews, stir-frys, or just a simple porridge and tea breakfast in the morning. Changchun also has a community of foreign restaurants and bars, including The Jello Factory Bar & Grill for American and Tex-Mex fare, Nemo's or Nautilus Bar & Restaurant for beer and cocktails, plus Three Monkey's Irish Pub for a pint of Guiness. Changchun is an industrial city, with many factories for  automobile manufacturing in the city's Economic Development Zone. Because of this, there is a bustling German community with many fine restaurants, bakeries, and beer houses due to Volkswagen having a strong presence in the city.

There is a recently refurbished zoo in the city center, next to the main campus of Northeast Normal University. There are attractions such as ferris wheels and carnival rides around the city located in various parks such as Nanhu Park, Children's Park, Victory Park, Jing Yue, or International Sculpture Park. So, you can take a stroll in the moonlight, or sit down with a good book, or even fly a kite at Culture Square!








Changchun Aston has several apartments for our foreign teachers’ accommodation. All are within a 15-minute walk from the school and have high-speed internet access. These apartments are either on the 4th floor of residential buildings or in high story towers with elevator. Changchun teachers have the option to have shared or single accommodation. All of our apartments are convenient and comfortable, and have been with us since our opening. We have had the privilege of having several long term teachers in our history and therefore aim to provide a homely and family environment for our staff.

The school is located in central Changchun. Many bus lines can be accessed from multiple places just a few minutes from everywhere, and the train station is just around the corner. Whether you want to support Walmart, or your local green grocer, it’s up to you! A Walmart is a stone’s throw from the location, as well as a more upscale supermarket in the mall across the road, which has a large selection of cheese, yogurt, foreign beers, pasta, and many other creature comforts from home. Apartments are clean and warm, with a washing machine, refrigerator, bed, and utensils for cooking and eating, yourself. They all feature a western toilet. There is also a Buddhist temple located two bus stops from the Aston location.

Getting around the city is simple and easy by bus or taxi, traffic is usually not heavy, but for certain times of the day. Mid-morning and late afternoon. There is also a light rail that can navigate the city quickly, cleanly, and efficiently. The subway is currently under construction, (as of this writing) but should be finished in the near future. There is a direct train line from the station to the airport, total travel time: 11 minutes.

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