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Aston is located near the city center and you can get everything you need for daily life around the school. Walmart is the most convenient supermarket and it is very close to the school and your apartment. It’s located next to Wanda Square, just opposite to Aston. It sells all kinds of food, including fresh meat, fish and vegetables, as well as all kinds of household items. Zhenjiang has a lot of western brands! In Wanda and Suning Malls you will find H&M, Zara, Uniqlo, Jack and Jones and many more western clothing stores.



Zhenjiang Aston is a new school that is situated in the beautiful Jiangsu province. The schools teaching days are predominantly Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We currently have 1 foreign teacher, 2 Chinese teachers, and 3 front desk and administrative staff members.


Our staffs are very friendly and helpful. Victoria Zhuang is the manager. She has an office in the school and often drops by to check on the school and often reward the employees with dinner. Victoria’s daughter Sophia is very sociable and loves to practice her English with the foreign teachers. Please contact Olivia, if you have any problems with your teaching, apartment or if you require vacation time. Olivia’s English is good and she will be there to help you set up the essentials such as a bank account and mobile phone plus any other tasks such as buying train tickets or online shopping. Fred is a very experienced Chinese teacher, He is a Zhenjiang native and gives you advice on things to do and places of interest in the area. Janet is a part-time teacher and a student at Jiangsu University. She is friendly and very helpful. Amy Tang is a receptionist and responsible for answering the phone and dealing with front desk queries. Jason speaks some English and can help you have any enquires. He also works on the front desk from time to time, but his main focus is the WRO Lego Education business, which shares resources with Zhenjiang Aston.



There are a number of large and small shops throughout the city plus clothes markets and bazaars to pick up some bargains. There are always new bars, clubs and restaurants opening in Zhenjiang ensuring you will have many social options to fill your spare time. Wanda Mall also has many western restaurants and a Starbucks for those of you who require a coffee or latte to get you through the day. Alternatively there is also a Chois Coffee located on the ground floor of the Changfa Shopping Centre next door to Walmart. It has a quiet atmosphere and serves waffles and nice coffee whilst locally Moo Coffee is situated opposite your apartment and provides free Wi-Fi and a cozy atmosphere, they serve waffles, Chinese dishes, Chinese style pasta and pizzas.



There are many Banks (Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Pudong Development Bank etc.)There are several banks located within walking distance from the school and assistance will be provided in setting up a bank account for you when you arrive.

The closest hospital is Zhenjiang First Hospital. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need to visit a doctor however unless you speak Chinese well ask a Chinese colleague for assistance. The nearest cinema is in Wanda Shopping Centre on the 4th Floor and there is a Frozen Yoghurt store situated right below the cinema. There are many KTVs in the city; the one on the fourth floor of Wanda is very convenient.



We will make every effort to find the most comfortable housing. If you have any problems, just let your manager know and they will do what they can to resolve it. The location makes it easy for you to travel to school and well situated to go shopping. The transport is safe, clean and convenient which ensures that anywhere in the city is accessible.


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