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Wuhai Aston English School is the newest school to open as part of Astons regional development in Inner Mongolia. Wuhai city sits on the Yellow River in the South West part of the province. It is divided into 3 distinct regions: Haibowan, Wuda and Hainan, Haibowan is the most developed part of the city and is currently undergoing urban renewal and development (as is the case throughout most of China) and is mid-way through building a completely new district to the west of Haibowan, called BinHe.



The city layout is all quite linear and getting around is no problem at all. There are plenty of buses and cheap taxis too. There is an Airport about 30 minutes north of the city serving Beijing, Hohhot, Ulumqi and Xi’an. There are also main Train and Bus lines linking the city to key tourist destinations in the surrounding Province, so making good use of your vacation time for travelling and exploring won’t be a problem.

The streets are quite relaxing for early evening strolls as are the parks. There are some good eating spots, with many more for you to discover over the course of your stay here. Inner Mongolia is famous in part for its amazing Lamb and Beef dishes and Wuhai is no exception, A particular favourite being the local MengMian, a delicious mix of beef, fried noodles, local spices and green beans. There are also many street-side BBQ restaurants with delicious snacks and draught beer. The local people are friendly and inquisitive towards foreign people but never intrusive. In fact the people here are quite diverse, with a relatively large community from Wenzhou in the South East of China.

Although essentially an industrial city, all of the heavy industries are either in Wuda or Hainan districts;Haibowan is a pleasant district with fresh air, nice mountain views and sunny mornings. It is also common in Inner Mongolia and Wuhai to have siesta, usually 1pm until to 3pm. I find myself doing this these days as it is quite refreshing. Dinner usually lasts until 9:30pm but it’s not unusual for a restaurant to stay open until the last customer leaves, whatever the time. There are several good bars and night clubs in addition to the ubiquitous Karaoke clubs that are the Chinese norm for a good night out. There are pools and snooker clubs, spa and health massage centers, many reflexology plus Tennis and Basketball clubs. There are also dirt bike clubs and Quad biking rental shops for exploring the Gobi desert. Shopping is fine, with a main Shopping Mall, plenty of supermarkets, night markets and flea markets. Fresh fruit and vegetables are easy to find (and the best grapes in China) as are high quality meats. If you fancy some big-city shopping, Yinchuan is only 1 hour away by bus and is very simple to get to. The night train to Hohhot is a pleasant 7 hours sleep.


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So why would you choose Wuhai over another city in China?

Well, Wuhai is a very relaxed city, stress free and easy to get around. Clean and fresh, it has everything any other city in China has but on a smaller scale. We have high quality apartments for our foreign staff with free computer and internet. Getting connected to and making friends with local people is much easier in Wuhai, an important facet if you plan to develop your Chinese and understanding of Chinese culture. This is an opportunity in itself as we are looking for talented and motivated staff to help us and to reward.



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