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Luoyang is a small city “lying in the centre of the earth” near to the south of the Yellow River in Henan province. For several centuries, Luoyang was the gravity center of China. It’s well known as "The Capital of Nine Dynasties". It is one of the most important origins of Chinese civilization.











Established in 2008, Luoyang Aston currently runs a tight ship of 5 Chinese teachers, 2 foreign teachers and around 300 students. Being a relatively small school, the atmosphere is friendly and relaxing. 

Each classroom is fully kitted out with a computer and interactive whiteboard, offering the very latest in teaching facilities along with Aston’s newly developed books and teaching software.









The current Aston apartments are located 2 minutes away from the school, which itself is situated in the center of busy downtown Luoyang. The apartments are just a few years old, with manned security doors and RF key tokens to operate most doors and entrances. 



Luoyang is very central within China and as such doesn’t have many influences from neighboring countries, Luoyang is as Chinese as it gets and it shows with its rich and long history. 

On the tourist map, Luoyang has many key places in Chinese history, from the first Chinese Buddhist temple, the White Horse Temple, the UNESCO listed Longmen Grottoes, Guanlin Temple, The historic original Old city and its also home to China’s national flower, the Peony. Because of this, Luoyang hosts an annual festival in the springtime, when the peony enters its short blooming period.

Luoyang also has a rather over generous number of parks and public open spaces, many with a deep-rooted history too, along with a growing number of malls providing traditional Chinese restaurants, alongside western chains like McDonalds, KFC, Burger king and Starbucks.

Local delicacies include the famous Water banquet and a number of street food specialties such as Bu fan Tang, Hu tu mien and Guo tie.

Although overshadowed economically by Henan’s capital Zhengzhou, Luoyang is currently seeing massive areas of development and modernization, with a 10-year plan to build a metro system well underway and many new tourist locations springing up all over the city. 

A newly built art district, built on the grounds of old factories mimics Beijing’s 798 and is fast becoming a fashionable addition to the city with regular events and an annual 3 day music festival.

Due to its location, and newly built high speed railway and Airport, Luoyang is a good access point to other cities in China, with Zhengzhou just an hour away, Xi’an 4 hours away, and Shanghai and Beijing less than 2 hours away by plane. Sandwiched between Luoyang and Zhengzhou is the famous Shaolin Temple, the home of Shaolin Kungfu.

Nightlife in Luoyang, has 4 or 5 night clubs and many bars littered throughout the city. International style bars are also on the increase, with a number of Chinese owned Craft beer bars (and shops) along with a western run Tap house offering around 20 international beers brewed onsite.

Luoyang has cycle lanes throughout the entire city and is mostly very flat, making cycling very convenient. Further to this there are many of the current bikes sharing companies operating in Luoyang. 

The central location means that Luoyang enjoys long and mostly pleasant summers with a short, but cold winter, there isn’t a great deal of rainfall although late May can see some heavy rain.

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