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Sanya Aston

Hainan Province




Address: Aston English, Haiyuebandaochengbang, Middle gate, Jinjiling Road, Tianya District, Sanya CIty, Hainan Province, China


Aston Sanya is quickly growing in size as well as in reputation in the community. The school itself is state-of-the-art, equipped with massive interactive whiteboards and most teaching props and supplies you might ask for. Located on the third floor of a shopping complex full of restaurants and bakeries, the school itself is fresh, dynamic, and modern. Frequently, our teachers participate in lively and exciting events all around this beautiful, tropical island town. From the massive luxury lifestyle complex Mangrove, to the kindergartens, to the many shopping malls, Aston Sanya is establishing a real presence in the local community. We here at Aston Sanya are on the lookout for creative, driven, and open-minded professionals who seek to make a difference in the world. Being a new school, our staff is young and very friendly with each other. If you hit any road bumps in your transition to life in Sanya, they are more than happy to get you sorted. The management team is also very enthusiastic, driven, and hands on.


The School

As stated before, the school is new and well-equipped. Moreover, if there are additional supplies you might require for class, the staff are happy to help order them. The school boasts seven classrooms and several multi-purpose rooms for activities and events. There is a large teacher’s office and even a yoga room! The children’s library and reading nook is a favorite hangout for parents and students. Located near Sanya Bay, the school already has 150 students, 1 foreign teacher, 4 Chinese teachers, 2 course consultants and several interns. A bustling school with an upbeat environment, each active classroom contains an interactive whiteboard. We teach all ages starting from just three years to adult classes, so you’ll be able to teach a variety of classes. There is some competition with different companies in Sanya, but Aston provides unique, tailored classes that really fit the needs of Sanya locals. The opportunities for growth in Sanya are varied and exciting.



This is a library for kids in our school.


School Events

Year round, Aston hosts different celebrations of holidays both Western and Chinese. The students are deeply interested in Christmas, Halloween, and St. Patrick’s Day as much as they enjoy celebrating our take on the Lantern Festival and Dragon Boat Festival, just to name a few. Because we frequently throw different types of parties, we have ample opportunity to let our hair down and enjoy time with colleagues and students alike. We enjoy fancy dress, playing crazy games, singing songs, giving gifts, and having high-stakes competitions. This sharing of Western and Eastern culture is an experience our students will remember and be shaped by. We encourage our foreign teachers to share their culture, experience, and insight with students and colleagues.








The Apartment

Fortunately for you, the foreign teacher’s apartment is a cozy one-bedroom place in a beautiful apartment complex located minutes from Aston’s doors. Located in Hai Yue Ban Dao, there are so many amenities to fill your free time with fun. The complex boasts two large, gorgeous swimming pools, a tennis court, an outdoor gym, and a lush, tropical vibe that feels more like living in a rainforest than in the middle of a growing, bustling city. The apartment is less than five minutes on foot from the school and directly next to a massive farmer’s market where you can buy produce, spices, meat, and other cooking essentials. At night, the complex is quiet and serene, and the view from the balcony is tranquil and lush.


The apartment has one bedroom, a bathroom with a Western toilet, and an open, airy floor plan that includes a dining room area, kitchen, and living area. The balcony is a lovely place to enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend. The apartment has been fitted with modern appliances, a Wi-Fi router, washing machine, TV, gas range, rice cooker, and refrigerator. The weather is warm year round, and the AC units in the bedroom and living area will keep you cool throughout.


What’s Life in Sanya Like?

What to Do Around Town

Sanya has an appetizing mix of Western and Chinese restaurants. Just a few kilometers from the apartment, sitting across from the ocean, there is a smashing Italian place called Casa Mia, next door to a Thai restaurant called Lemon Grass. Down in the DaDongHai area (a vast and thriving tourist hotspot), the best Western food to snap up can be found at Sanya’s most popular resto-bar, Dolphin (see below). This is also a great place to grab a pint, meet English-speakers, and watch a football match or two. New B’s bar, located right on the beach in DaDongHai, is a Filipino-run pub where you can get cheap drinks, decent bar food, and great social interaction.



There’s plenty of shopping to be done in Sanya. Most notable are H&M in Mangrove (see below) and Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Complex, but the city is dotted with a slew of shopping malls.


When we stroll in Sanya, which is known as "Eastern Hawaii", in addition to experiencing the coconut wind, blue sky, tropical coastal waters and South American charm, tasting fresh seafood fishing in the South China Sea is also one of the necessary activities to come to Sanya. The food here is mostly from the South China Sea, which is clean and not polluted like other sea areas, so the taste of seafood is very delicious.




Just north of Yalong Bay lies Wuzhizhou Island, small and walkable with lush tropical vegetation, pure white sand beaches and surrounded by crystal clear waters this is one of the most popular trips for visitors to Sanya.


 The sea around the island is protected and so is a haven for all sorts of fish and has some of the best preserved coral in China. Visitors can enjoy a variety of water sports activities including diving and snorkeling, take a relaxing stroll around the island or just laze on the beach and swim.


The West Island is one of six legal spots for snorkeling and scuba diving in Sanya. Its surrounding waters belong to a National Coral Reef Nature Reserve. Underwater visibility ranges from 10 to 15 meters, permitting divers to enjoy a plethora of spectacular scenes.


 Stroll down the beach on West Island in the late afternoon and, aside from people relaxing on the sands, you may see couples having their wedding photographs taken and local lads fishing in the shallows with hand-thrown nets. The island also offers a range of water sports including fishing, “flying fish” boat rides, kayaking, diving, gliding, and jet skiing out in the bay.


Sanya Haichang Dream Ocean Night City, located in the heart of Sanya Haitangwan Bay, the national "golden coast", is the first immersive marine entertainment complex in China, which integrates cultural tourism, leisure vacation, entertainment experience and innovative commerce. Dream City embodies the perfect integration of marine culture. The project introduced more than 280 species of marine creatures, including whale sharks, dolphins, turtles, sea lions and walruses. The water volume exceeded 28,000 cubic meters, allowing these lovely sea spirits to roam freely here.




Phoenix Island is located at the core of Sunshine Coast in Sanya Bay Resort. It is a man-made island reclaimed from the reefs of the sea. It relies on mountain scenery on three sides and faces the sea on all sides. It has unique mountain, sea and sky tourism scenery, and has the conditions of marine entertainment, water sports and all-season vacation tourism.


Other Sanya Amenities


Banks, gyms, telecom services, pharmacies, e-bike repair shops, hospitals, and shopping malls abound.





NanShan Temple is a classified scenic area, a Buddhist Temple with a massive, 108 meters-tall Buddha statue. The site is rich with history and is regarded by locals as a protection from typhoons.


Cost of Living

Fresh produce is cheap to buy from street markets, and taxis also quite affordable (10-20 yuan to travel to most places within the city). If you’d rather eat at a restaurant than cook at home, this can be a little pricier, especially at the foreign restaurants (between 40 and 60 yuan for a dish), but the quality of food may be worth it.



As stated before, there are several bars in the city and a few dance clubs, mostly located in Dadonghai. Dolphin is usually the first place to meet your friends for a night out. Wanderlust is a great little beer bar attached to a hostel down the street from Dolphin that serves up beers from around the world and some of the most delicious sweet potato fries. If loud music and bright lights are more your pace, M2 is Sanya’s most popular dance club. And of course, this is China, so the city is full of different KTVs!



While most foreigners living in Sanya opt to buy their own e-bikes (~1500 yuan), taxis are very affordable, and Didi is even cheaper. The city buses run on several routes that stop at every beach and most shopping centers. There is also a train that runs from Sanya to Haikou (the provincial capital) that costs only 100 yuan and takes less than two hours.


Most importantly, Sanya’s Phoenix Airport is located about 30 minutes from the school, which makes travel elsewhere exceptionally convenient.

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