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Guiyang Aston opened its doors in January 2004 and was the first Aston School in Southern China. Since then it has grown into one of the leading institutions in the capital of Guizhou province with 3 locations, more than 1000 students and more than 30 staff, including seven foreign teachers. Our main location is on the thirteenth floor of the Yinzuo building in the center of the downtown area. Our second and third schools are also located in the industrial hubs of the city. The schools are spacious, modern, and have a strong sense of community. Many of the staff and teachers have been here for quite a while and investment in the success of the school is strong. Mrs. Shang, the Manager, is a wonderful woman to work with and has helped build the school from the beginning.
Our goal is to help our students improve their English speaking and listening communication skills. We follow the curriculum and methodology standard to all Aston schools and have developed a comprehensive collection of teacher’s resources to help facilitate this process. We have also just opened up a Little Newton centre inside our location 1 school, whose curriculum is science education. Although we are geographically separated from the main Aston hubs in Dalian, Jinan, and Xi’an, we maintain the same standards of teaching, training, and staff support that are crucial to the success of all of our schools throughout China.

All locations are just a few minutes’ walk from many of the city’s main attractions and historic places. Restaurants, shops, temples, and narrow alleys full of life and street food are just outside the door and people crowd the streets below and around the school.



For City 

Walking the streets of Guiyang is a fascinating mix of people. Prosperous business people, workers, fashion conscious woman, students, and Miao people in full costume can be seen any time of day. Despite being the fastest developing capital city in China, foreigners are still a rare sight and are greeted with a mixture of curiosity and hospitality that helps make daily life in Guiyang a very special experience.

The weather in Guiyang is usually mild in winter and warm in summer. Although it rarely snows, it is a good idea to bring at least one winter jacket. The pollution levels in Guiyang are very low, and it is not necessary to wear an inhalation mask, nor retreat indoors as other major cities might experience.

Although home to several Wal-Marts, Starbucks and several KFCs, Guiyang remains quintessentially Chinese. For many this is a refreshing aspect of life here and part of the allure, others find it a little more challenging than they anticipated. The city has a vibrant night life with bars, nightclubs, street vendors and restaurants operating to all hours. The local food is wonderful, especially the hot pot and si wawa pancakes.

And yes, we have pandas!


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For Travel
The surrounding region is astonishingly beautiful and a true highlight of China. Within the city are interesting and special scenic places, such as the heritage listed Qianling Mountain Park and Jiaxiulou Pavilion. Once you are out of the city a breathtaking landscape of terraced farms and Karst Mountains is revealed. Travel throughout the province is rewarding. It’s 2½ hours to Anshun, Zunyi, and Kaili by train or bus. Fast train trips to an incredible number of interesting places are easily arranged. There are traditional villages not far outside the city limits. Guiyang is a very central to many cities in south western China, with Chongqing, Chengdu, Changsha, Guilin, Nanning and Kunming a fast train rides or quick flights away.


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For Apartment 

Guiyang Aston currently rents several 2-bedroom apartments in the downtown area for foreign teachers’ accommodation. The apartments are comfortable and clean. All are very close to the city centre and less than 15 minutes walk to Guiyang Aston.


Thank you for your time and application to Aston Guiyang. We hope you have enjoyed our short introduction to our amazing school and city, and look forward to seeing you in person. Welcome to Aston, Welcome to Guiyang!

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