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Name of School: Zhaoqing Aston English School

Location city: Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province

Address: Kangle Garden second floor, Huangtang East Road, Duanzhou Area, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, China


Aston has been in Zhaoqing since July 2012. We now have 2 schools in the beautiful city of Zhaoqing. We currently have 2 foreign teachers working here who love the city and the school.


The school:

With over 5 classrooms, our school has a modern and elegant design, innovative and tech forward. It has a wonderful working environment. You will find bright colors, high ceilings, fully equipped classrooms, a spacious lobby, and a teacher’s office which is fully equipped with teaching aids, games and toys. Every classroom is also kitted out with

Interactive Whiteboards, multi-media resources and enough space to play all the games you want.

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What to do here?

Zhaoqing is located at the northwest of Guangdong in the west of Pearl River Delta, in which is close to International city Guangzhou. Zhaoqing city is the national famous historical and cultural city as well as a birthplace of Lingnan culture which is the boundary of the central plains culture and the culture of lingnan, therefore it has a splendid history and culture. Over more than 300 cultural relics which have scientific research value and witnessed historical changes and precipitation, they included MieAn, the Song city walls, Seven-Star Crags and so on. It’s said that Zhaoqing was the birthplace of Cantonese. Dinghu Mountain is the first of the four famous mountains of Guangdong Province is known as the “emerald on the tropic of cancer” and “living museum of nature”. Besides, it is the combination of Modern civilization which has many business areas and convenient transportation.


Getting around

Taxis: If the taxis are available there will be a small red light with Chinese lettering that means the taxi is available. If there is no red light visible, then it is occupied or on break. The colorful taxi starts off at 7RMB. Always make sure the taxi driver puts the red sign down and the taxis computer will begin to calculate distance and cost.


Didi's: Also there is an app on smart phones now, calles Didi(滴滴). Like the uber in western countries. You can just type where you want to go, then the car will come and pick you up, send you to the destination. It’s very convenient.


Buses: The public bus system is a good method of travelling in and around Zhaoqing as cheaply as possible. Payment is usually either RMB2 or Rmb4. You can put the money in a little metal box next to the driver when you get on the bus, otherwise there will be someone on the bus that will come to you to collect payment and give you a ticket when you tell them your destination. Drivers and ticket sellers usually don't speak English, so make sure you know when to get off the bus before you get on it. Buses are often crowded, pushing and shoving is to be expected. Passengers enter at the front of the bus, exit at the back. Remember to keep your valuables safe. Google Maps and its Chinese counterpart, Baidu Maps, now give directions from place to place using the bus system.


Where else can I go and see?

We now have a high speed train and below are information on how to get to various places from our location:



Guangzhou is one of the largest metropolises in China. The city has a very international feel, with thousands of foreigners calling it home. The Lingnan architecture, Guangdong cuisine and ancient customs all make it a fascinating and vibrant place to both visit and live in. It only takes you 1.5h to get to Guangzhou by bus.



Hongkong is a young city, a city full of wonders and myths, a city of great excitement. World class architecture, fast-paced life, fashion, modern entertainment, all highlights the city's stunning charm. Hongkong is a paradise for life, a variety of joy in one place. In Hongkong , you can appreciate the beautiful natural scenery , but also can enjoy all kinds of commercial civilization ; can be involved in modern society , material pleasures , the same can also revisit the old times parkreal life style. It takes you 2.5h to get to Hongkong.


Beijing 4 hours away by plane

Beijing is based in the north of China and is the capital of the country. Beijing is considered a must see when living in China and being in Zouping gives you the freedom of seeing this famous capital with ease whilst being able to go to a more relaxed (and much cheaper) atmosphere in Zouping when you are done.

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