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LINFEN Aston English School

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Based in the heart of the city, the school already has over 100 students, 4 friendly Chinese teachers, 2 enthusiastic curriculum consultants and 1 humor foreign teacher. A bustling school with a great environment, each classroom contains an interactive whiteboard. We teach all ages starting from just 3 years old. Aston is already becoming very popular in Linfen establishing a great reputation.


The school

For those of you who came to China for the delicious Chinese cuisine, you have a range of options by simply going to the eighth floor of the building in which the school is situated where there is a massive food court with restaurants specializing in all six major cuisines as well as fusion food for really reasonable prices. If you are interested in catching a film after dinner, well, just get on the elevator and go up to the ninth floor where the Shenglong Hengye Cinema is situated. There are a range of local Chinese language films and US blockbusters shown in the original English, with Chinese subtitles for the locals. 





The apartment is located in (兴隆小区) Xing Long Xiao Qu which is safe and clean and has fancy decoration. It takes at most 10 minutes to walk to school from your apartment. Nearby there is a big hospital so should you ever fall ill help is just a stone’s throw away. Although you are in the heart of the city there is no noise pollution at night! The apartment has two bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and balcony. It has just been fitted with brand new appliances; router, washing machine, TV, water dispenser, microwave, fridge even a brand new western toilet.  There is heating during the winter months and AC for the hot summers.
Restaurants, banks, supermarkets and convenience stores are all extremely near. And if you need further help, you can always ask for help to us.





The City

Shanxi is located in the middle of China. Linfen lies in the southwest of Shanxi province, where is historic, and also well-known as the “city of flowers and fruits”. With the development of economy, (ranked second in the whole of Shanxi), you will find that there are a whole range of activities and creature comforts available to you right on your doorstep. More and more shopping malls are established nowadays, which provide a lot of convenience for life. You may find almost everything you need in the mall near to our school, such as food, clothes, and amusement facilities and there is even a skating rink. If you enjoy outdoor activities, here are plenty of things to do from visiting any of the numerous parks, such as Fen river park (汾河公园) and the old city park (古城公园)and museums, or visit the Linfen Zoo with its collection of animals large and small. For those of you interested in a bit of a hike, or other day-trips there are several options. Yuanqiu mountain (云丘山) is a two hour bus trip from Linfen and takes half a day to climb, but is certainly worth it for the scenery. The transportation here is extremely convenient. Except the advanced high-speed rail and the airport, we also possess the share bike and e-bike, with which you could wander in the city alone and enjoy your leisure time. It only takes about 2 hours high-speed rail train to arrive Xi’an to view Mountain Hua famous for its precipitous or the old city Pingyao and any other cities you interested in. Another great destination is the Yellow River teapot spout waterfall (黄河壶口瀑布). Besides, the view there is places to picnic when the Yellow River is at low ebb. And if you’re a sports enthusiast, there are many gyms with advanced sports equipment as well as cozy clean rest room nearby our school.  


Linfen also has some local specialties and is particularly famous for its noodles. Specialty dishes include daoxiaomian (刀削面), famous for the traditional preparation method and beef meatball noodles (牛肉丸子面). For those missing home and wanting a bit of a taste of Western food, don’t worry, thanks to the great location of our school, we’re surrounded by options, Starbucks, KFC, Pizza Hut, western restaurant, Hong Kong restaurant and the like. There are also some fancy clubs and bars where you can meet new friends.

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