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Zibo City is located in the junction zone between Shandong Zhongshan Land and North Shandong Plain in central Shandong Province. It has unique geographical advantages. It links Taishan Mountain in the south, Yellow River in the north, Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai in the east, and Jinan in the west. Zibo is an important transportation hub city in Shandong Province, with railway linking, highway crossing and convenient transportation.




Zibo is the birthplace of the ancient civilization of the Chinese nation. It has gone through three stages: Beixin culture, Dawenkou culture and Longshan culture. After the establishment of the Western Zhou Dynasty, Jiang Shangfeng Qi created Qi culture.


Linzi in the East is a cultural tourist area of Qi and a national historical and cultural city. The Linzi Museum of Chinese Ancient Cars is located 126 kilometers away from Jiqing Expressway. It focuses on the research and archaeological achievements of Chinese ancient cars, including the exhibition of ancient cars and horses in past dynasties and the post-Li martyred carriages and horses. It fully demonstrates the brilliant history and car-making technology of Chinese ancient cars. Qi State History Museum is located on the site of Qi State's old city. It is one of the top ten special-shaped museums in China. It vividly shows the history of Qi State's emergence, development, prosperity and decline through a large number of precious cultural relics and a large number of documents, models and sculptures. The martyr pit in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty is the burial object of King Jinggong of Qi. 600 warhorses sleep underground for a long time, showing the prosperity of the Qi State and the luxury of nobility. Jiang Taigong Temple, Guan Zhong Tomb, Yan Ying Tomb and Tian Qi Wang Mausoleum constitute the rich connotation of Qi cultural tourism.


Zichuan in central China is a tourist area of Liaozhai. Pu Songling's former residence, the king of short stories in the world, maintains the original appearance of Pu Songling's residence at that time, and reflects the scene of Pu Songling's book "Xiao Zhai Se Se, case condensation ice" in Liaozhai at that time. In the Liaozhai Garden built by Pu Weng's descendants on his former residence, there are unique and novel fox fairy garden, legendary Shiyin Garden, the "Manjing" (now called Liuquan) where Pu Songling drew water and boiled tea, and the immortal Liaozhai Palace and other scenic spots.




Boshan and Yiyuan in the south are natural scenic tourist areas. Mountains, waters, forests, springs and caves are naturally generated. Pavilions, terraces, pavilions, pavilions and waterfalls are dotted with them, and they are full of interest. The abundance of natural resources, especially karst cave resources, in southern mountainous areas is rare in northern China. The magnificent and peculiar Kaiyuan Cave is praised as "the first cave in Shandong Province" by experts, and the nine-day cave in Yiyuan is praised as "the first stone flower cave in China" because of its exquisite and unique nature and abundant stone flower resources. In Yuanshan National Forest Park, pines and cypresses are covered by green shade. The sites of the Great Wall of Qi, Shihai, Meng Jiangnuquan and other scenic spots in the scenic area are permeating and publicizing the vicissitudes of history in the magnificent and magnificent. Lushan Mountain is one of the four alpine mountains in Shandong Province, with abundant plant resources. Lushan Forest Park is located at the core of Guanyunfeng Mountain. It is a typical mountain scenic spot and a good place for leisure and vacation because of its mountains, gullies, waterfalls and springs, dense forests, fresh air and cool climate.




Huantai and Gaoqing in the north are Lake folk-custom tourist areas, which are surrounded by clear water, simple folk customs and a water-town scenery in the south of the Yangtze River in the north; Zhoucun in the west is an ancient shopping city tourist area, the ancient shopping city has a delicate architectural pattern, exquisite markets, rich and colorful plaques and signboards, full of ancient cultural flavor, full of strong ancient commercial flavor; Zhangdian is the city's political and cultural center, also. It is a tourist reception, catering, shopping and entertainment center.


In recent years, the Zibo Municipal Committee and the municipal government have strengthened their awareness of tourism products and attached great importance to the development of tourism industry, which has brought Zibo's tourism industry into a new stage of rapid development. In 2001, Zibo was officially named "China's Excellent Tourism City" by the National Tourism Administration.


Zibo has a long history and splendid culture. Qi culture is an important part of Chinese culture. Zibo is also the birthplace of Qi culture.

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