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Welcome to Zhucheng Aston


Zhucheng ASTON is located in Shandong province and has been there since 2014. There are 3 Chinese teachers, 2 foreign teachers, and 107 students. Zhucheng Aston is well equipped with electronic whiteboard, large classrooms and modern library.




This is a peaceful town with low living expense. People here are very friendly. Zhucheng is a town with a profound cultural background; there are many cultural architectures and natural landscapes to visit. Weihe Park, Wetland Park and Liyian resorts are very popular natural chill-out spots for locals in their down time. Other popular activities in the local area include visiting Chaoran Tower, Celebrity museum or the Dinosaur museum. The public transportation is well developed; bus, shared-bikes, taxis and trains are all easily accessible ensuring travelling in the local area is convenient and plentiful. The high speed railway from Weifang train station to Beijing is about three and a half hours. The nearest airport is Qingdao Liuting International Airport which is located just outside the city.





The apartment is located in central Zhucheng and is perfectly positioned within close proximity to the school and 10 minutes walking distance to a big shopping mall. The apartment is clean and cozy It is equipped with almost everything you need to ensure your move to Zhucheng is comfortable and stress free. Our staffs are friendly. They will be very happy to help you if you have any questions. 




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