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The location of the school is very convenient. It is situated nearby a gym, Zaozhuang Art Training School, and a snack & shopping street. The school has three classrooms, a parent lounge and a teacher's office. The school is equipped with some advanced equipments such as electronic whiteboards, laptops, stereos and projectors. Now, Zaozhuang Aston has four Chinese teachers and one foreign teacher. We work as members in a family who respects one another. We are very welcoming!



Zaozhuang is a dynamic and charming “China's excellent tourism city". It could be perceived as having both the luxury of the northern cities and the beauty of Jiangnan, known as "the pearl of the south".

The total population of Zaozhuang city is 3.6 million. Zaozhuang and Zaozhuang West are stops on both the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and the Beijing-Shanghai (Jinghu) railway. Since 15 May 2016, the Zaolin railway (from Zaozhuang West to Linyi) has connected the city with the Yanri railway. The Beijing-Fuzhou highway also passes through Zaozhuang from north to south. So it is an extremely convenient city for visiting Chinas larger cities.
Zaozhuang's special snacks include Jianbing, mutton soup and Zaozhuang spicy chicken, which is very hot and refreshing dish.

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