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Name of School: Weihai Aston English SchoolLocation city: Weihai City, Shandong Province

Address (English): Suite 606, Beiyang Mansion, 11 Xinwei Road, Weihai, China


The school

Our school is located a stone’s throw from the very center of Weihai with all teacher accommodation located nearby. Our school has just undergone renovations which have given it a sleek and efficient design allowing teachers to provide the best possible quality of teaching. We have 7 fully equipped classrooms, state of the art interactive whiteboards and a wide variety of other teaching equipment for you to keep your lessons interactive and full of enjoyment. We also have a spacious lobby where our staffs are in constant contact with parents to allow for the best possible conditions for learning. We also have a fully equipped library of books and teachers office on the floor above the school giving you a space of your own to plan and communicate with our other teachers.


Our school has been recently renovated giving us state of the art classroom facilities and a spacious and well-lit lobby and waiting area.



The teachers’ office is on the floor above our school giving us a very well-lit and relaxing space to work and wind down in between classes. Every teacher is given their own personal work space including a work computer.


School events

Our school puts on several yearly events, our Christmas party is always a spectacle making the most of some of the more prestigious Weihai locations and including performances from students and teachers. Every Halloween we bring western traditions to our school throwing several parties for the kids and educating them on Halloween games and customs. Everybody always leaves with a bag of treats and sweets. Twice a year we hold English camps for the kids, once during the summer and once in winter, coinciding with the kids’ school holidays. We use this time for games and education and it includes a fun day trip out with the students.




All of our foreign teachers are provided with an apartment within walking distance of the school meaning that you are also within walking distance of downtown Weihai. The apartments are fully furnished and anything extra you may require just talk to the front desk and it will be sorted out for you.





The coastal line of Weihai is 1,000 kilometers, accounting for 1/3 of that in Shandong .There are 3 large fishing grounds along the coast, which makes Weihai one of the largest fishing production bases in China. More than 300 kinds of aquatic products can be found in Weihai such as prawn, sea cucumber, abalone, shellfish, algae and fishes. There are more than 30 kinds of minerals can be mined such as gold, iron, copper and zinc. The high-quality granite has a large reserve in Weihai, and the granites with the name of Shidao Red, Wendeng White and Rushan Black have enjoyed good fame at home and abroad.


Weihai has beautiful surroundings with mountain and sea, and many relics. Its cleanliness and pleasant weather attract a lot of tourists and is a famous tourist city. There are over tens of scenic spots in the city, of which Liugong Island with many State's protected relics in memory of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895. Chengshantou named as "The end of the sky" has a beautiful landscape, where the emperors of Qin and Han Dynasties visited and is the scenic spot at the State level.


Kunyushan was called the Ancestor of Fairy Mountain on Sea in history. The scenic spot of Tiechashan is the birthplace of Quanzhenism branch of Taoism, and have many relics. Rongcheng Swan Lake is the largest winter habitat of swans in northern China. There are rich underground spring and more than 70 of natural sea bathing places, and also built four province-class tourist resorts, including Huancui, Rushan Beach,Shidao Bay of Rongcheng and Swan Lake.


Weihai provides the means to pursue many of the same hobbies you had before your life in China started. There are large amounts of hiking trails in the mountains as well as many sporting facilities in the immediate area. There are four gyms all within walking distance and leisure facilities such as bowling archery and golf all situated in downtown Weihai.


Weihai is close to other cities in Shandong with Yantai and Quindao with easy access by trains and buses. These cities are famed for their breweries and European architecture and very suitable day trip options.



We have a very large selection of shops located in the city center with a mega shopping complex Weigo. Here there is a huge selection of western and Chinese shops and you will be able to find almost anything you are looking for. No matter where you live in the city the chances are your no more than a stone’s throw from your nearest supermarket, most likely a spar of a JJY, and if you need anything that isn’t stocked at your local supermarket then it can be ordered online or found at one of the many street markets in the city.


Night life

Night life in Weihai is busy for a smaller city. There are a number of small bars and pubs which always stock a wide range of European and American craft beers. There are also a number of clubs in Weihai which will allow you an insight into the music and style of the Chinese club scene. A fair few Chinese nights out end up at one of the multitude of KTV’s which is a karaoke bar and lots of fun especially if your knowledge of Chinese characters is limited.

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