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Name of School: Tai'an Aston English School

Location city: Tai'an City, Shandong Province

Address: No.8NaiheEast Road, Tai’an City, Shandong Province, China

Aston has been in Tai'an since September, 2013. We now have one school in the beautiful city of Tai'an with approximately 300 students and growing.


The school:

Our school has a modern and elegant design. You will find bright colors, high ceilings, fully equipped classrooms, a spacious lobby, a library with bookstands, and a teacher’s office which is fully equipped with teaching aids, games and toys. Every classroom is also kitted out with Interactive Whiteboards, multi-media resources and enough space to play all the games you want. The team at Tai'an Aston is friendly and welcoming to help with whatever our foreign teachers may need as they settle down to life in China.



Large spacious classroom


What to do here?

The school is located in the South of Jinan. Traditionally, the South of Jinan is where the best residential areas and most of the businesses, restaurants, supermarkets, fast-food stores in the city located.


Climb Mount Tai:

Tai’an is a city with a long history and a rich, cultural heritage. Its feature spot is the magnificent Tai mountain. To whom climbing a mountain is not an appealing prospect, there is an electric carriage that can take one to the top where awaits some of the most beautiful views imaginable. Commonly, people climb the mountain at the previous night, stay in at a half-way house on the mountain and wake up at about 3am to make the final pursuit to the peak just in time to see the sun rising.




Hang-out spots:

Donghu Park (东湖公园). This park is named after the artificial lake at its center. Picturesque views, walking paths and a large, metallic, tent-like structure make this a wonderful place to amble around on a day off.


Hushan Park (虎山公园). A favorite day-trip among the locals, especially in summer. This mountain is host to several temples to local spirits and there are Dao monks on-site who can illuminate some of the most obscure facets of local history (if you have a translator or speak excellent Chinese). There is a nice drive up the mountain but also many footways to climb if you prefer that. There are 9 waterfalls, a cave water point, and many beautiful sights there.



Our current foreign teacher has the apartment to themselves. As more teachers are required in the future, the teachers will share once we have two or more foreign teachers. The kitchen is equipped with all the necessary cooking and eating utensils. The living room is kitted out with a TV, sofa and coffee table. If there are any maintenance problems, our Chinese staff members at the school are always very happy and willing to lend a helping hand to help get you in touch with a plumber, handyman, locksmith, or whoever is required.


Getting around


Taxi starts off at 6RMB. The later in the evening it gets the higher the taxi fee will become. Always make sure the taxi is metered.



The public bus system is a good method of travelling in and around Tai'an. Bus fee is usually 1 or 2 RMB. You can put the money in a little metal box next to the driver when you get on the bus. Otherwise there will be someone on the bus that will come to you to collect payment and give you a ticket when you tell them your destination. Drivers and ticket sellers usually don't speak English so you should make sure you know when to get off the bus. Buses are often crowded, pushing and shoving is to be expected. Passengers enter at the front of the bus, exit at the back. Remember to keep your valuables safe. Google Maps and its Chinese counterpart, Baidu Maps, now give directions from place to place using the bus system.


Where else can I go and see?

We now have a high speed train and below are information on how to get to various places from our location:



We have 6 schools in Jinan and therefore a large foreign and Aston community whom you can go out, socialize and travel with. Jinan is only 17 minutes away by train.


Qingdao – 1.5 hours away by fast train

Qingdao is in the same province as our school. It is a coastal city of skyscrapers, parks and beaches bordering the Yellow Sea. You can also find great German beer here.


Beijing – 3.5 hours away by fast train

Beijing is located in the north of China and is the capital of the country. Beijing is considered a must see when living in China and being in Tai'an gives you the freedom of seeing this famous capital with ease whilst being able to go to a more relaxed (and much cheaper) atmosphere in Tai'an when you are done.

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