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Linyi Aston English School


Linyi, situated in eastern Shandong, now hosts one of Aston's newest schools. When walking around the city our foreigners are often greeted with smile and “Hello”. Getting around the city is very convenient. Walking or cycling around the city is stress-free and relaxing because the roads are mostly wide.




People here are friendly. Strangers are always intrigued to see foreign faces, while English students all over the city want to take the opportunity to practice their English. It's easy to make friends, and this leads to great opportunities to learn Mandarin.


The school

The school is a block away from the People's Square, the city center of Linyi. We currently have 2 foreign teachers, which makes up part of the team consisting of a Chinese manager, 3 Chinese staffs and several receptionists.  


The Chinese manager and teachers are all qualified and experienced to offer the best teaching experience to our students. At present the school is comparably small, with 300 students. However, with plenty of room for expansion in the future, Linyi shows promising signs of growing to accommodate many more students.



The surrounding area is covered with shops and restaurants. You have a variety of restaurant options like KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Chinese restaurants, and food stands with some situated on the corner of the school's road. There are shopping malls and smaller outlets with western and Chinese brands and a large supermarket where one can buy nearly everything.

Around the city you'll find mountains and rivers. The “yi” river (after which the city is named) flows across the city. Also, “Mengshan” in Linyi is very famous in Shandong. In rural area, there are wonderful sights to view as well.



The apartments are located right across the street from our school. Being so close means it's easy to go home and relax after a long day teaching.


All apartments are furnished with a sofa, TV, microwave, toilet, etc. The complex is located in the heart of the city, within a 5 minutes’ walk you'll find the 24 hour McDonald's, big supermarkets, bank, bars, and countless local restaurants. The complex is right next to a bus stop if you want to go anywhere else in the City. What’s more, every teacher has single apartment, and it is completely new.

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