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Liaocheng:  Aston English School

Location city: Liaocheng City, Shandong Province

Address (English): 6F Xingguang Building, Dongchang Road, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, China


Liaocheng is already a well-established Aston School which has be running for over 4 years. We have two schools now. Our school has a colorful theme and a wonderful working environment. You will find bright colors, well equipped classrooms, a reception area and a teacher’s office.




We have a variety of educational tools including interactive whiteboards and a staff room stocked with toys and arts and crafts materials. We have everything you’ll need from rubber chickens to a laminator!  

Although Liaocheng Aston has been around for a while we are always seeking new and innovative ways to continue growing rapidly. Liaocheng Aston continually strives on the road to success. With these hopes to grow and grow, our teachers’ contribute greatly to our goals. Our whole team is hands on with marketing and continually looks for new ways to make our school a success.


The School

The school is situated on the 6th floor of a business building; we have 1 Chinese teacher trainer, 5 Chinese teachers, 2 curriculum consultants, 2 foreign teachers and a great number of students. We teach all ages starting from just 3 years old and offer larger classes as well as one to one tutoring. We are proud to say Aston is quite popular in Liaocheng.

The school itself is located right next to a shopping center, making it super convenient to pick up some groceries on your breaks or perhaps grab a delicious dinner in any one of the local restaurants nearby.





Colorful classrooms!


The team at Liaocheng Aston is friendly, welcoming and there to help with whatever our foreign teachers may need as they settle down to life in China.






Why our school? 

Our teachers benefit from:

§ Extremely attractive salary

§ Rent free fully furnished apartment

§ Career opportunities

§ A fun and relaxed atmosphere

§ Mandarin lessons every week

§ A true Chinese experience

§ The team at the school is really considerate and helpful. They are always looking to make sure that you feel at home as a foreigner in the city.




Our Apartments

Our Foreign Teacher’s apartment comes standard with all items mentioned in the contract; it is also always as close to the school as possible.

The school is always more than happy to help with anything you need so don’t hesitate to ask. If you have a problem we are just a phone call away to solve problems as fast as we can.

Liaocheng Aston will provide you with a very comfortable for you to live in. You should expect a shared apartment with 2 bedrooms. The apartment is equipped with all the basics that you could need…air conditioner, washing machine and furniture. Your neighbors are friendly and kind, so they will be glad to help out with anything you need. The apartment is located close to the school, so that you can walk to work.



As a city, Liaocheng is well known for its history and culture. With China becoming such a modern, Liaocheng offers a refreshing skyline full of old style Chinese architecture. The locals in Liaocheng are very proud of this aspect of their city, and the local government has gone a long to ensuring that Liaocheng retains its ancient charm. For this reason, the city is quite a popular tourist destination for those interested in Chinese history and culture. It always attracts a lot of visitors, especially in May and October.
Known as the “water city”, Liaocheng has an abundance of water resources including rivers, lakes and canals. The air quality is excellent compared to a lot of other cities in the region. All of this makes Liaocheng a charming and vibrant city, and a great place to start your Chinese adventure.


Liaocheng is a small county where you can really have a true Chinese experience and learn about the Chinese culture and way of life.

Liaocheng is perfect if you want to be surrounded in authentic Chinese culture and traditions. Liaocheng has not been heavily westernized yet! Like other parts of China so you will still have a great opportunity to work on Chinese language skills.

But if you do happen to feel a little homesick you can always grab a Big Mc burger at Mc Donald’s or some chicken at KFC.         

Liaocheng has many malls with a wide variety of stores, both western and Chinese. They also have an RT Mart which is a large department store just like Wal-Mart where you can find everything and many western and imported products as well. Other malls include Watsons, Adidas, Nike, KFC, Mc Donald’s and many bakeries if you have a sweet tooth.


You can also still enjoy some of the famous Chinese foods such hot pot



Living in Liaocheng

Cost of Living

Cost of living in Liaocheng is much cheaper than the larger cities so if saving up or paying bills back home are on your mind don’t worry and if you enjoy Chinese food you can find many small restaurants that are well-priced.


Evening shopping in the summer, bars and KTV are some of the favorite things the locals get up to daily.


There are many shopping malls in this city where you can do all your shopping from groceries, clothes, toiletries to fast food.

There is also an RT Mart and many little convenient stores very close to the school which means you can easily grab some groceries during lunch or after work.  


Trains: Liaocheng has a long distance train station. Trains are comfortable and tickets are reasonably priced.  

Planes: If you would rather fly to far away destinations, you could take a very reasonably priced airport bus (approx. 70yuan) to Jinan airport.

Taxis: Meter taxis start from 6yuan and are found all over which makes them really convenient.   

Bikes: Scooters and cycling are common and convenient methods of transportation used here. So if you enjoy being on a bike you in the right place! You can also randomly find informal “tuk tuks” that can drive you short distances.

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