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Laiwu is located in the heart of Shandong Province, and you need roughly 1.5 hours to go to the provincial capital Jinan by bus. The climate is typical of the region, with cold and dry winters, hot and wet summers. Because of the weather, there are many outstanding scenery spots surrounding the area.

The city is small, with around 800,000 people living in the urban area. And with over 2000 years of history, the oldest Great Wall built in Qi Dynasty (the 7th Century BC) stretches right across the province. There is also a museum for commemorating the victory of World War 2 and the contribution of the Chinese Army in Laiwu. 





Laiwu Aston is the first professional English training school with foreign teachers in the area. It is in a modern building with great facilities, including interactive whiteboards and air conditioning in all the rooms. The rooms are spacious, and the school has plenty of teaching aids including toys, flashcards and others.

The staff are all young and extremely friendly, and always like to help. We have around 30 students currently, with more expected to join in over the coming months, and there are regular activities hold in the school, including t-shirt painting and fruit salad making!

The school is located right in the city Centre, so it is extremely close to amenities and entertainments. Within 5 minutes’ walk, there is a street with many bars and restaurants, malls and supermarkets. There is also a gym very close to the school.



Cuisine: The local food is varied, and extremely worth trying. Popular local dishes include Lamb soup, Laiwu sausage, fish head soup, and the unique Roast chicken. And the city’s restaurants have varies of cuisines to choose from, including Hong Kong style, Beijing style, and even Korean style.

Tourism: Surrounding Laiwu, several attractions are worth visiting. In winter there is a ski resort only 30 minutes’ drive from the city center and it also hosts an air show every year. The transport in Laiwu is very convenient to travel to other tourist sites across China. A bus journey from Laiwu to Tai’an is about 90 minutes. And Tai’an is the home of famous Taishan Mountain. Qingdao (also in Shandong Province) holds a famous beer festival every year, and the bus will take you 4 hours. Jinan is also a modern city not far away, which is convenient to go to major cities like Beijing (a 4 hour journey) and Shanghai (a 3 hour journey). Jinan airport is also 2 hours by bus, which flies to all major cities.






The apartment is well placed, only 10 minutes from the school by taxi. It is small, but well furnished. And it has many western amenities, including a western toilet, a large sofa, and a large bed with a mattress. The apartment has an excellent view of the city, as it is on the 7th floor.

The apartment has many entertainments around it. Within 5 minutes’ walk, there is a Spar supermarket, several restaurants, and coffees, and a shopping street. A 15 minute walk will also take you to the In Zone Mall, which contains a KFC, other food outlets, and a cinema. The mall is also right next to a large, scenic park.

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