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Shandong Province

Jining is a city of Shandong Province with a population of around 2 million people. Jining is a modern and vibrant city offering foreigners the real Chinese experience. The Metropolitan area is rapidly growing with lots of skyscrapers, parks and malls, while the surrounding area offers cultural landscape including Confucian temple, Buddhist temples and fabulous scenery. Jining is the hometown of Confucius and the state of ceremonies. Working at Aston will enable you to visit Beijing, Xi’an, Qingdao and the sacred Tai mountain on your days off, all through relatively short train journeys.


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Located in the heart of the city, the school has over 660 students and 12 teachers. A bustling school with a great working environment, each class contains an interactive white board where we teach students of all ages, from 4 all the way up to 50 years old. The school is conveniently located close to shopping centers and the best restaurants in the city.

Throughout the year we hold various parties at our school, this is an opportunity to have more fun with the children and less of a focus on teaching English, we will often have fancy dress, play games, sing songs, give out gifts and have competitions. All to give the children an experience of western culture and the festivals we most commonly celebrate.

Every year we hold a Christmas and Halloween party, but we may hold one-off parties such as Mother’s day party, Thanksgiving Day party, etc.



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Each apartment is shared between two or three teachers and has a shared living room, kitchen, balcony, internet, TV, water dispenser, heating and bathroom equipped with a shower and western toilet; some apartments have en-suite bathrooms although this cannot be guaranteed.

All of the apartments are inside large apartment complexes which have guards on all the entrances ensuring that each complex is a safe place to live. Restaurants, supermarkets and convenience stores are all extremely close and are open around the clock.

Lastly, the school has a dedicated logistics department, if your apartment ever needs anything; they are just a phone call away and try to solve all problems as fast as they possibly can.





Cost of Living
For the more frugal minded, you will be pleased to know the cost of living in Jining is incredibly low compared to other parts of the country, especially when compared to other cities in China. Fresh produce is cheap to buy from street markets and if you’d rather eat at a restaurant than cook at home, there are restaurants all over the city which are very reasonably priced.

There are bars and pubs in the city and also many dance clubs, if that is more your style. Jining has several 24 hour restaurants in the city and one of the best parts of the summer is the street restaurants that can be found all over the city. People set up barbeque pits along the streets and you can enjoy some amazing BBQ food along with a cold beer late into the night.

Recently, several new shopping malls have opened in Jining which have excellent supermarkets, western brand stores as well of a plethora of restaurants. If you want a truly unique experience, there are also several street markets in the city where you can test our your bargaining skills.

There are two train stations near the city and the tickets are easy to buy, reasonably priced, and the trains are very comfortable. You can take the fast train for a speedy journey, or you can travel by sleeper train for a more relaxed trip. nd, if you would rather fly to far away destinations, 40 minutes outside of the city is Qufu International Airport.

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