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Welcome to Haiyang!


Welcome to Haiyang Aston English School, we are a thriving new school in the heart of the city. The school opened here in July 2018 and has flourished over the last few months; we now have over 40 students!


At Aston the aims in the class room are to provide a fun learning environment for the students to practice and develop their aural and oral English skills. Across China, children attending state schools have English classes with anything up to 50 students in a class. Therefore, they rarely get the opportunity to perfect their oral skills.


Our School

Our school is incredibly modern and decked out in the latest facilities. It is bright, positive and welcoming and you will right at home! Let’s do a little tour of the place, shall we?





The reception area where all the important business goes down! We even have a little robot helper!



 The GuaGua and library area is a wonderful place for students and parents to read and use our i-Pad facilities!



 The teacher’s office is a relaxed space where teachers can plan their lessons together,prepare materials and relax between classes.



 Our classrooms are colorful, spacious and are all equipped with Interactive White Boards which lend to cutting edge teaching and learning experiences.


Your Apartment

As part of your contractual entitlements you will have a single apartment in Haiyang. Your apartment is a 12 minute walk from the school and very centrally located, right in the main square of the city. The apartment is open plan, has a big double bed and lots of storage space. The apartment is very bright and spacious and has been fitted with all the appliances you need; a Wi-Fi router, a desk and chairs, a large flat screen TV, washing machine, water dispenser, fridge, and… OF COURSE… a western toilet!


Each apartment has a bottled water dispenser, as it is not recommended that you drink the tap water. When you require a new bottle you can ask someone at the front desk or Berry and they can arrange it. You can ask them in person or call / send them a WeChat message. The school’s partners manufacture water and they have plenty of bottles readily available. The school will bring these bottles to your apartment and will cover the cost.


What is there to do in Haiyang?

Haiyang ( 嘉祥县) is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Yantai. It is located in the Southwestern part of eastern-China’s Shandong Province. Haiyang is a smaller Chinese city, with a population of about 660,000. You will get a wonderfully authentic Chinese experience while you’re here. It’s a great place to learn Chinese and learn about local Shandong and wider Chinese culture. The school and your apartment are in the heart of the town and most things that you need are just a short walk away.


The cost of living in Haiyang is really cheap so if saving up or paying bills back home are on your mind then don’t worry. Daily expenses are very cheap to buy and recreational activities won’t cost you much either! Plus, there is plenty to see around the region and with the combination of cheap public transport and 3 days off per week; you have plenty to keep yourself busy!

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