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Gaomi Aston




Gaomi is located in the eastern part Shandong province, under the administration of Weifang city. The total area is 1605 square kilometers and city has a population of around 860,000. Gaomi has good transport links to other cities in both and further afield. It takes 40 mins to get to Qingdao by train, and using the same form of transport you can be in Beijing in 4 hours. The cost of living in Gaomi is really low, so it is a great place if you’re looking to save money.


Gaomi Aston was established in July 2013 in located in the city center. The classrooms are setup with state of the art technology and equipment. All classes are outfitted with heaters and AC to deal with the changes in seasonal temperatures.

The school has large classrooms,  spacious hallways and plenty of seating space for parents to relax while waiting for their children to finish class. The staff are friendly and happy to help their students and teachers to deliver the best possible learning environment for both students and teachers alike.






Gaomi has a warm, temperate and slightly humid, monsoon climate. Gaomi enjoys warm springs, hot summers, cool autumns and bearable winters, meaning the four seasons are clearly distinct from each other. The traffic is not too congested with plenty of public transport available in the form of taxis and buses. A trip by car from the center of Gaomi to the beautiful city of Qingdao should take you approximately 30 minutes.





Gaomi Aston provides their foreign teachers with large, spacious and comfortable apartments. The apartment has dining room and separate living room along with bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. Apartments are located within walking distance of both the school and various amenities such as malls and an abundance of restaurants.


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