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Name of School: Boxing Aston English School

Location city: Boxing County, Shandong Province

Address (English): No.403, Le’an Street, Boxing County, Binzhou City, Shandong Province, China


Aston has been in Boxing since September 2016. The school has shown exceptional growth over the past two years, we now have more than 200 students and will have more in the coming future with you joining us. We currently have 1 foreign teacher working here who loves the city and the school. The team at Boxing Aston is friendly, welcoming and there to help with whatever our foreign teachers may need as they settle down to life in China.


The school

Being relatively new, our schools is modern and clean. It has a wonderful working environment with over 6 classrooms, which is fully equipped with teaching aids, games and toys. You will find bright colors, high ceilings, fully equipped classrooms, a spacious lobby, a beautiful stage, an activity room and a teacher’s office. Every classroom is also kitted out with Interactive whiteboards, multimedia resources and enough space.



Large spacious lobby



Parents waiting area                                                                     A library of books      


Here are some pictures from the activities and events that we held before.






Apartment and weather conditions:

Our school offers the teachers a fancy and well equipped apartment which is a 2 minute walk from the school. There is a large supermarket just 5 minutes away which as a KFC and other really good restaurants. There is a coffee shop just downstairs and music bar within 3 minutes’ walk, if you fancy having a beer while listening to some music.




Spring in Boxing: In March, the temperature begins to rise though can still be a little chilly on occasions. March is a glorious time with the Cherry Blossom festival in full bloom. In April and May, the temperature continues to rise as the summer approaches.


Summer in Boxing: Summer in Boxing is a hot, with June and July being the hottest months.


Autumn in Boxing:  There is plenty of sunshine, though temperatures are a little cooler. The average temperature is around 13-25C, in November the weather becomes colder.


Winter in Boxing: Winters last from December to March and are cold. Temperatures in the middle of winter can drop as low as-10C, so decent winter clothes are a must.


What to do here?

The school is located in the south of Boxing. Traditionally the south of Boxing has been where most of the businesses, restaurants, supermarkets, fast- food stores etc. are located, while the North of Boxing is where the best residential areas are.


Hang-out spots:

Global Village Park (地球村公园). This park is more of an amusement park than a regular park and contains a Ferris wheel, a water park, football fields, ski areas, fruit-picking areas etc. A great place to chill out during the summer.




People’s Park (人民公园). The Chinese People's Parks, or Renmin park, features an artificial lake, several gardens, a bird watching area, and lots of modern fitness equipment.


The Dayuzhang forest park(打渔张森林公园). A favorite day-trip among the locals, especially in summer, this park located next to the Yellow River(the second longest river in China) is the best place to go camping, cycling and horse riding. It’s also a very popular place to go and see the sun set below the Yellow River


What is there to eat and drink?


Teachers have a multitude of choices when popping outside for lunch during the two-hour lunch break on a Saturday, or Sunday.

Although there are too many Chinese restaurants to mention, I would just like to just show you some pictures of a couple of the places near the school. The school manager, CCs, CTs and the other foreign teachers would all be happy to show you them when you arrive. There are also several bars and clubs you could visit for great nights out as well our favorite...KTV!



Traditional Chinese barbecue                                     Western pizza, steak, salad and juice



(left)Traditional Chinese hot pot where you can choose your own meat, seafood, veg and sauce and cook it the way you like it. (On the right) fresh salt water fish cooked to perfection


Getting around


Taxis are readily available and start off at 6RMB. After 10pm, the initial far increases slightly but it still a cheap and convenient way to get from A to B.


The public bus system is a good method of travelling around Boxing, and at 1-2 RMB it is extremely cheap. Drivers and ticket sellers usually don't speak English, so make sure you know when to get off the bus before you get on it. Buses are often crowded, pushing and shoving is to be expected. Passengers enter at the front of the bus, exit at the back. Google Maps and its Chinese counterpart, Baidu Maps, now have information on the bus system so it’s easy to find out where to get off.


Where else can I go and see?

We now have a high speed train in Boxing and below is information on how to get to various places from our location:


Aston have 6 schools in Jinan and therefore a large community of Aston teachers with whom you can make friends and socialize with. Jinan is 40 minutes away by train from Zibo station.

Qingdao – 1.5 hours away by fast train

Qingdao is in the same province as our school. It is a port city of skyscrapers, parks and beaches bordering the Yellow Sea. You can also find great German beer here and there is an international beer festival that takes place every year.

Beijing – 3.5 hours away by fast train


Beijing is based in the north of China and is the capital of the country. Beijing is considered a must see when living in China and being in Boxing gives you the freedom of seeing this famous capital with ease whilst being able to go to a more relaxed (and much cheaper) atmosphere in Boxing when you are done.

Shanghai – 4 hours away by fast train

Once you get to Jinan, Shanghai is a mere 4 hours on the high speed train. A great way to spend your days off.

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