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Huaiji Aston School

Guangdong Province




Location: D206 Floor2, Yuejingkangcheng, Huaiji County, Zhaoqing Huaiji, Guangdong Province, China.


Huaiji is one of the latest additions to the Aston family starting up in 2018. Our school has a modern and elegant design, innovative and tech forward. It has a wonderful working environment. You will find bright colors, high ceilings, fully equipped classrooms, a spacious lobby and a teacher’s office.


On top of this we have a variety of educational tools interactive whiteboards and a staff room stocked with wonderful toys and arts and crafts materials. We have everything you need from rubber chickens to a laminator! Our students can stay after school and read a book or make use of Aston’s GuaGua software on our Apple I pads.


Aston has started many new schools in Southern China which are all growing rapidly. Huaiji Aston strives join this continues on the road to success. With the hopes to grow, our teachers’ contribute greatly to our goals. Our team is hands on with marketing and continually looks for new ways to make our school a success.




The School


Based in the heart of one of the largest communities within the city, we have 2 Chinese teachers, 2 curriculum foreign teachers and already a growing number of teach all ages starting from just 3 years old and offer classes as well as one to one tutoring. Although new we are proud to say Aston is already becoming popular in Huaiji. The school itself is located within an open air shopping centre, super convenient to pick up some groceries, laundry, medication or get your hair done during our two hour lunch breaks or perhaps grab a delicious dinner in any one of the fine restaurants nearby.














Our Apartments


Our Foreign Teacher’s apartment is within one of the communities in Huaiji, which is equipped with everything you’ll need. It is a 15 minute walk from the school, (less than 5 mins by bike) and has a great view and an open balcony. Apartment complex you will find a convenient store, butchery and a pharmacy. Your apartment is also just across the road from the shopping centre where you will find restaurants, laundry, hairdressers and beauty spas. There is a great place where you can enjoy some traditional hot pot dining.


The apartment has a very modern andclassy look and feel with two bedrooms, an open plan dinning and lounge area, very modern kitchen (with stove top, microwave, fridge and rice- cooker) bathroom and open balcony. It has just been fitted with all the appliances you will need; Wi-Fi router, washing machine, water dispenser, fridge, western toilet.


The school is always more than happy to help with anything you need so don’t hesitate to ask. If you have a problem we are just a phone call away to solve problems as fast as we can.


Living in Huaiji


With Huaiji’s warm climate and sunny days there is no better way to  spend off days going for a run and admiring the having an afternoon picnic with a book to read in stunning Sanjiang Park.


Evening walks along the Xujiang River on warm nights never look so beautiful. Huaiji is the perfect city of choice if you want to be surrounded in authentic Chinese culture and traditions. Huaiji has heavily westernized yet! Like other parts of China so you will still have a great opportunity to work on Chinese language pick up some of the local dialect.






If you do happen to feel a little homesick you can always grab a Big Mc burger at Mc Donald’s or some chicken at KFC.


Huaiji has two malls you could visit, both have shops where you could find many western items you may need also a large grocery store which stocks everything just like a Wal-Mart. You will also find a Watsons, Adidas, Nike, KFC, Mc Donald’s and bakeries if you have a sweet tooth.


You can also still enjoy some of the famous Chinese foods such hot pot or visit some Chinese restaurant bars for some other traditional foods and good beer!




Huaiji has lovely open air shopping areas where you can find lovely little boutique shops and outdoor cafes.




Cost of Living


Cost of living in Huaijiis fairly cheap so if saving up or paying bills back home are on your mind don’t worry. If you Chinese food you can find many small restaurants that are well-priced. You can enjoy some of the delicious local food like BBQ fish and BBQ egg-plant.



Midnight BBQ, evening shopping, late night street food, bars or KTV are some of the favorite things the locals get up to daily.



There are two shopping malls in this city where you can do all your shopping from groceries, clothes, toiletries to fast food.


There are also two large grocery stores and convenient stores very close to the school which means you can easily grab groceries during lunch or after work. The ‘Hui and supermarket has many western foods and products as well as an import isle.



Trains: Huaiji has a high speed long distance train station in the city. Trains are comfortable and tickets are reasonably priced.


Planes: If you would rather fly to far away destinations, you could take a high speed train to Guangzhou South Railway (approx. 55yaun) then the subway (9yuan) to Guangzhou airport, or you could take high speed train to Guilinxi, and then a taxi or DiDi to Guilin Liangjiang Airport.


Taxis: Meter taxis start from 10 yaun and are mainly found at the railway and bus station ready to take you to any because bikes and cycling are the main modes of transportation taxis are seldomfound within the city so DiDi’s are often used and are very convenient.


Bikes: Scooters and cycling are most common methods of transportation used here. So if you enjoy being on a bike you in the right place! You can also randomly find informal “motor bike taxis” that can drive you short distances.

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