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Guangzhou Aston English has witnessed significant development since it opened, and is still going strong. It is well equipped with updated electronic whiteboard and a variety of teaching resources.
Guangzhou is one of the largest cities in China and located in the south of the country. The third longest river in China, the Zhujiang River, runs through the city. The weather in Guangzhou is very different compared to cities in the northern half of China. It is warm and mild in winter and quite hot in summer, with a lot of rain in spring and summer. There are many interesting places in the city worth seeing, such as the statue of five goats, Guangzhou tower, Guangdong Museum and Baiyun Shan Mountain. The best part in Guangzhou is the food. Guangzhou cake is famous throughout China.







We have tried our best to find the best apartment for you. The apartment contains a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a washroom. As well as that, we have prepared every basic item you will need! The apartment is located near shopping malls, banks and public transport. It is very comfortable, with spacious rooms and modern furniture. The location also makes it very easy for you to travel to school.





Guangzhou is one of the largest metropolises in China. The city has a very international feel, with thousands of foreigners calling it home. The main dialects are Guangzhou dialects, Hakka dialects and Chao Zhou dialects. Guangdong has its own local music, Yue opera, Chaozhou opera and Guangdong Han opera. The Lingnan architecture, Guangdong cuisine and ancient customs all make it a fascinating and vibrant place to both visit and live in. The province itself Guangdong is a place awash with mountains, rivers, lakes and dozens of national parks. The Luofu Shan Mountain, the Danxia Shan mountain, the Dinghu Shan Mountain and the Xiqiao Shan Mountain are some of the more famous outdoor places to visit in Guangdong Province.




Being one of China’s megacities, the transport infrastructure within the city is excellent. The underground subway will get you most places relatively quickly. There are also plenty of buses and taxis available. The school is conveniently located within walking distance of a stadium and a large mall.



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