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Hefei, the capital of An Hui Province is found in the east of China. It is a land locked province that, like most of China, is still in the midst of having developed dramatically. There is a belief in China that cities with 8 digit phone numbers are the most developed and cosmopolitan, whilst cities with 7 digits are still heading towards that goal.




Hefei is still sitting on 7 digits, but that does not do this city justice as the city still plays host to the lively day-to-day atmosphere of Beijing, to the shopping available in Xi’an, not to mention the other experiences the city has to offer.





Hefei Aston one of the newer schools, was opened in March 2008 and therefore provides teachers and staff with all brand new resources and facilities to carry out the job of teaching. The Staff at Aston also supply an invaluable resource to new teachers to China and Hefei. They themselves are a valuable resource in helping you to settle into this city and the country as a whole as they are the best source of local knowledge on places to go, things to do & see and places to eat in.


The school currently operates with one foreign assistant manager and four foreign teachers, who make up part of a team consisting of a Chinese Manager, Chinese teachers and a support officer that make the atmosphere and work environment of the school comfortable, professional and welcoming.


The Chinese Manager and teachers are all qualified and experienced to offer the best teaching experience for our students.



Hefei Aston shows promising signs of growing to accommodate many more students to be taught by a larger team of Chinese and foreign teachers. 


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The schools’ location is in the centre of the city, where a 2 minute walk takes you into the main hub of the city. Here you will find small and large eateries, serving a wide range of the popular Chinese dishes as well as western ones for those of you who occasionally get a little home-sick, including KFC and McDonald’s. There’s rarely a problem finding anything you want whether it be food or clothes, where both Chinese and western brands can be purchased from shops, to the abundance of electronics and DVDs available at low prices. To compete with the existing French Carrefour Dept store chain, 2 new Wal-marts will open soon in the city.




The apartments are located next to the city’s river, only a 15 minute walk from the school and city centre, so you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre to the quiet and tranquil area of the apartment. The school has taken great care in selecting accommodation that will meet the preferences of our teachers. All concerns are taken into consideration when assigning apartments to teachers, i.e. smoking status, age, physical limitations, and personality. The accommodation offered provides teachers with their own double bedroom, comfortable living area, kitchen and bathroom.



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