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Yulin Aston opened in 2006 and started off small. The student number exploded to over 700 in just a few short years. It is unanimously recognised as the forerunner in Yulin’s English training market. There are 12 classrooms over three floors. Our apartments are spacious, clean and new - and located a mere 10-minute walk from the school. All necessities are provided including western toilets.

About Yulin:

Yulin city is in the far north of Shaanxi Province, not to be confused with it’s neighbour Shanxi Province. The region of Shaanxi in which Yulin is located is called Shanbei. Yulin itself is surrounded by 11 small counties and the total population including these counties is 3,516,300 people. It is a medium sized city and is not a metropolis like Beijing or Shanghai.

Yulin experiences a hot climate in Summer with temperatures ranging from 20-38 degrees Celsius. It gets much colder in Winter with temperatures from -10 to -15 degrees Celsius. These extreme temperatures are explained by the city’s proximity to the great desert in Mongolia.

There is a long history here and this place has seen much turmoil over the years. It has been the scene of battles during Chinese civil wars and during the Japanese insurgence.

Great natural resources have been discovered here. Although some here live a simple life, others have made their fortune from the massive local coal deposits. The abundance of natural resources has attracted big business. The shell oil company has supply and gas plants here in Yulin, providing lots of local employment. The availability of natural resources here has earned it the nickname “Little Kuwait”.

It’s location on the border with Mongolia has made Yulin a historically rich place. There are, therefore, many places of interest in and around Yulin. Here are just a few of them.

Places to see:

These local sites are easy to travel to and more than worth the trip.

Hong Jian Nao:

This is Shaanxi Province’s biggest inland lake. The scenery here is beautiful and boat rides can be taken around the lake. There are grasslands near the lake which make a nice camping or picnic site. Buses leave from the bus station to Hang Jin, then a quick bus transfer will bring you to the lake.

Hong Shi Xia:

This is one of Yulin’s most famous sites. It is a massive gorge between 2 mountains with a lovely river running through it. The stone of the mountain has a distinctive red colour. The gorge is naturally formed but there have been several man-made structures added to it. There are temples, look out points, bridges and many other structures. It is said that many years ago, poets and artists would travel here to reflect and take in the beauty of their surroundings. Travelling there is easy. It is a 15RMB taxi ride or a 1RMB public bus ride. It takes 20-30 minutes to arrive there.

Zheng Bei Tai:

This is a section of the Great Wall which was built in the Ming Dynasty. It served as a location to meet and discuss government affairs. There are very tall towers located at a few places along the Great Wall; this is one of those tall towers. There are several floors as well as an observation room at the top, where you can see for miles. Zheng Bei Tai is quite close to Hong Shi Xia and accessible by the same means of transport.

Ming Chang Cheng:

This is yet another section of the Great Wall. This part of the wall runs from Fugu County to Dinbian County, both of which are very close to Yulin. The parts of the Great Wall you see in Beijing have been fully restored with few original parts remaining. The parts of the Great Wall in Yulin are authentic and still ruined in several places.

Li Zi Cheng Xing Gong:

This is a palace built on Panlong Mountain in Mi Zhi County near Yulin. When Li Zi Cheng established the Shun Empire, he ordered this palace built to mark the occasion. It is said to one of China’s most unique palaces. It is painstakingly designed inside and outside. The gardens are kept in beautiful condition. Buses regularly leave from Yulin bus station to Mi Zhi. The palace is then a short walk from the bus station. Or you can take a taxi. Admission is 20RMB.

Bai Yun Shan:

This is literally translated as “white cloud mountain”. It is located in one of Yulin’s many neighbouring counties; Jian Xian. The mountain itself is a famous tourist attraction in the area. It has forests, temples and a clean water river that runs through it. It boasts ancient culture and beautiful views. Buses to Jia Xian are regularly available at Yulin bus station. It is then just a short cheap taxi ride to the mountain.

These are genuinely just a few of the places you can go to find out about this 5000 year old civilisation.


Food:Yulin’s food is famous around China. There are many local dishes which are unique to the city as well as dishes which can be found in other cities.

One of the more popular types of food during the Summer is barbecue. There are many delicious barbecue restaurants which you can relax after a day’s class, mingle with the locals and maybe have a couple of beers.

In the Winter, hot pot restaurants are more popular. Fresh meat and vegetables are cleaned and then brought to your table. You have your own pot and hob and can cook the food yourself. The soup you use to boil the food can have your own choice of flavour. It is something quite different from the west but really delicious.

Yulin is also famous for it’s many different kinds of Tofu. Whether cooked on it’s own or added to other dishes, it’s tastiness will surprise vegetarian and meat eater alike. You will of course also be able to experience the many different types of noodle and rice dishes here.

The various Chinese dishes are certainly enough to give your palate variety for as long as you are here. But there are many western and international options here too:

There is a Brazilian BBQ restaurant here which serves you meat right off the skewer. There is also a Korean BBQ restaurant which can treat you to a completely different eating experience.

There are also a few KFC’s if you want that “fast food fix”. China’s KFC spin off is here also; “Dico’s”. They add a uniquely Chinese flavour to the traditional KFC menu. These are not the only western restaurants in the city however. Some examples follow.

“Bi Lai Ke” restaurant opened a few years ago and has been improving their menu ever since. Their pizza is now genuinely delicious but they also have a range of other western dishes, wines, spirits and beers. “D&D café” restaurant is another example. It’s menu is similar to that of “Bi Lai Ke” with some extras including cocktails and different liquors. “Shang Dao Café” is a fairly new and popular western restaurant located about 15 minutes walk from the school or 5 minutes by taxi.

Mongolian cuisine is also readily available here. The most popular restaurant serves Mongolian ribs. This is ideal for those meat lovers but they also have several vegetarian dishes.

Sports and outside activities:

The Chinese have their favoured sports and Yulin is no exception. Basketball is hugely popular here and courts can be seen all over the city. The best place to have a game is Yulin University. There are about 20 courts and there are always people playing on at least some of them. Chinese players are more than happy to have a foreign teacher join the game.

Football can be played in a couple of different places. The city’s central square has a running track with a football field in the middle. This can be freely used. The university also has football pitches, tennis courts and lots of students eager to play with you.

The other big national sport is ping-pong. Ping-pong and pool halls go hand in hand. If you feel like a game of pool, Yulin has several pool halls. All the pool halls have ping pong too. There is a convenient place just in front of the apartments in fact.

If sports aren’t your thing but you still want to exercise, Yulin has a number of gyms. The gym most widely used by the teachers in the school is called “El Aine”. This is a five minute walk from the apartments and a ten minute walk from the school. The gym has about 10 treadmills, lots of weights machines, elliptical machines, bikes and free weights. They also hold yoga, kung fu, dance and spin classes.

If you want to get away from everything and exercise, biking is very popular among the foreigners here. People often bike in to the desert to camp out or even travel between cities by bike.

One brand new addition to Yulin is the artificial ski slope. You can rent skis and go up the mountain for the day. This is just a 15 minute taxi ride from the city centre.

Transport in Yulin:

The city has a cheap and efficient public bus system with the fare to go anywhere in the city just 1RMB. Buses run everywhere from the city centre, to the outskirts. They even go to local areas of interest. Getting to know the bus routes will serve you well here.

Having said that, taxis are also very cheap. Going anywhere less than a 15min ride costs 5RMB and going to the furthest outskirts of the city costs about 15RMB.

The bus station in the city serves a huge number of locations. You can travel quickly to Yulin’s outlying counties or to very big cities like; Beijing, Xi’an and Jinan to name but a few. Buses regularly leave to most locations.

There is also a train station in Yulin with available services to many locations. The train ride to Xi’an is more comfortable than the bus and you can have a meal on the train.

Yulin also has modern airport with regular fights to Xi’an, Beijing, Taiyuan and Yinchuan. The flight to Xi’an takes less than an hour if you want to make that trip to the big city.

There are many travel agents in Yulin and the school helps you to plan your trips if needs be. Things like booking tickets, booking hotels or even just arranging a ride to the airport can be done through the school.




March Semester 2014
Various Locations
7 to 9K RMB p/m

  • Free Shared Housing
  • 23 to 28 hour work week
  • No Hidden Hours
  • Sponsored Z Visa
  • Airport Pickup
  • Multiple Provinces
  • Free Chinese Classes
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