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Xilinhot, also spelt as XilinHaote, is one of top tourist cities of China. Located in the middle of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region is the Xilin Gol Grasslands, bordering on the Republic of Mongolia in the north and neighbouring Hebei Province in the south. Within the area are vast stretches of natural grasslands and landscapes of sandy land, lakes and volcanic remains, the most typical prairie scenery in Inner Mongolia. It is also one of the main regions where the Mongol ethnic group live in compact communities. The area boasts a great number of historical sites.

Xilinhot Prayer Flags

The town of Xilinhot is well connected with highways going in all directions. There are also air and rail routes linking it with Hohhot and Beijing. The airport being a short drive away and the bus station a short walk. Its scenic spots include the Beizi Temple and Xiri Tala Holiday Resort. The joy of a place like this is that you are already in the grasslands - they begin right on the edge of the town.

Xilinhot Local Food

Well in terms of food Xilinhot has some great Mongol food, as well as the traditional Chinese range of dishes. The lamb is probably one of the best tasting in the area, being well fed and coming straight off the Grassland. There are many hot pot, dumpling, barbecue and local restaurants friendly and ready to welcome you through the door. Xilinhot is a small place, but rapidly expanding, boasting a couple nightclubs, bars, many pool halls and a good selection of shops and malls all at a very affordable prices.

Xilinhot Locals

The sun tends to shine nearly all year round, giving good clean fresh air, the summers are very hot and the winters are very cold, with the occasional sand storm and thunder storm throughout the seasons.




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