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Xiangyang is the second largest city of Hubei province. Xiangyang has two big parts---the beautiful historic city of Xiangcheng and Fancheng---which stand on the southern and northern sides of the river respectively. It is the only large city in the adjoining area of Hubei, Henan, Sichuan and Shaanxi provinces. Xiangyang is honored as a national-level Garden City, Civilized City, Sanitary City, Excellent Tourism City and China Charming City.

Xiangyang is a state-level cultural and historic city enjoying a history of over 2800 years with a splendid culture. It has been the military fortress since the ancient times, resulting in the convergence of Chu culture and Central China culture. The unique conditions and long history give birth to the brilliant historical figures such as Song Yu, a literature from ancient Chu Kingdom; Liu Xiu, Emperor Gangwu of Han Dynasty; Zhu Geliang, an outstanding statesman and strategist of Three Kingdoms Period; Meng Haoran, a great poet of Tang Dynasty; MiFu ,a famous calligrapher and painter of Song Dynasty.


Xiangyang also has the state level scenic spot--Long Zhong Mountain. It locates fifteen kilometers west of Xiangcheng District. Surrounded by pines and cypresses covered hills, brooding over winding streams, Little Rainbow Bridge (Xiaobongqiao), Half Moon Creek (Banyuexi), Old Dragon Cave (Laolongdong) and Holding the Knee Stone (Baiqishi) are all well worth a visit. Besides, there are other scenic spots and cultural sites, including the ancient Xiangyang Wall, Xiangyang City Moat, the Pseudo-classic Street which is the longest in China, Memorial Temple to Mi Fu, Lu- men Temple ,tec.

With a varied geographic structure, Xiangyang is embraced by mountains in the west, plains in the middle and mounds in the east. With an average temperature of 15℃-17℃, an annual precipitation of 580mm-910mm,and an annual of 1,778 hours, Xiangyang shares the features of both northern and southern climates.

The practice of the national strategic to develop China's western areas is making Xiangyang a strategic place connecting the east of China and Xiangyang will radiate more active economic infuence over the bordering areas. The people of Xiangyang are aiming at turning Xiangyang from a historical fortress into a hot land for business by means of taking advantages of the large-scale development of China's western areas and of China's entry into the WTO.The people of Xiangyang, in the hometown of Zhuge Liang's wisdom, are looking forward to the domestic and overseas friends and guests presence in Xiangyang for sightseeing, business negotiations, co-operations and for a common promising future.


Last but not the least ,you hardly ever meet traffic problems here . People in Xiangyang are very friendly. They will be very kind to help you when you need a hand . Welcome to Xiangyang!




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