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Working FAQ

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions about working in China at Aston schools. If you have any additional questions, please e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Do most days off fall on weekdays? Are split days off the norm?

The number of days off you'll have depends heavily on the contract you sign. A 19 hour teacher will only work 2-3 days a week. A 23 hour teacher will only work 3-4 days a week. A 28-hour teacher will have 2, non-consecutive days off a week. For more info on the different contract packages we offer, please click here.

In general, are overtime and tutoring available?

Technically we are supposed to discourage private tutoring but as long as it doesn't interfere with your schedule most of the schools don't mind this. Any other teaching for other schools or companies would need the express written consent of your manager. The amount of overtime avaliable within your school will vary according to school and season.

What do my work hours consist of, are the hours divided into teaching and office hours?

Your hours have both teaching and office hours. All contracted teachers will have 3 office hours combined with their normal teaching hours.

  • a 19 hour contract = 16 teaching hour & 3 office hours.
  • a 23 hour contract = 20 teaching hour & 3 office hours.
  • a 28 hour contract = 25 teaching hour & 3 office hours.

Given my background, what type of extra role might be considered?

We normally promote from in-house staff. Depending on your qualifications and ability to adjust to living and working in China this could happen within a few months. Some people love it here and get along very well, some find it hard to get used to the Chinese way of doing business.

Most new managers start out as General Assistants teaching a half schedule and helping out in the office and then move up to Assistant Location Manager, Location Manager, and then City Manager. There are also possibilities for positions as teacher trainer or in the head office if you have specific talents that Aston is looking for.




March Semester 2014
Various Locations
7 to 9K RMB p/m

  • Free Shared Housing
  • 23 to 28 hour work week
  • No Hidden Hours
  • Sponsored Z Visa
  • Airport Pickup
  • Multiple Provinces
  • Free Chinese Classes
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