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1   Link   Oxford Associates
2   Link   Language Corps
LanguageCorps offers a variety of programs for talented people interested in travel, internationalism, and teaching abroad. Our goal is to empower our Teachers to thrive as professionals abroad.
3   Link   The Knowledge Workshop
The Knowledge Workshop is based in the beautiful university suburb of Rosebank, minutes from the city center, the mountain and beaches - we have it all! An international language and teaching center with a difference, The Knowledge Workshop has several points that set it apart from the traditional, commercial language centers
4   Link   TEFL England
TEFL England is a leading and highly respected provider of accredited TEFL courses that equips students with all the knowledge and practical experience they need to begin teaching English as a foreign language.
5   Link   TEFL Scotland
What sets us apart from other TEFL providers is our experience. Between the TEFL Scotland team, there is over 30 years of experience in teaching English abroad, in the UK and in teacher training. We want others to share the fantastic experiences we have had by providing quality TEFL courses that are accessible and affordable.
6   Link   TEFL Wales
TEFL Wales is completely run by TEFL professionals. With over 25 years of teaching and training experience, you can be certain that when you phone up TEFL Wales you will be receiving expert advice at all times.
7   Link   TEFL Ireland
TEFL Courses Ireland is an organisation run by TEFL Experts with several decades of experience in teaching English as a foreign language. As such, we know the skills and knowledge you will need to start your teaching career. All of our services, from our accredited TEFL courses to our TEFL Jobs Service are designed by TEFL professionals to help you have a great experience teaching English abroad.
8   Link   The Library Project


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