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Aston English Reception Area
Aston English is the flagship of The Aston Educational Group and was founded in 1996. Aston English has over 100 schools throughout 22 provinces in China. We strive to provide the best possible environment for our teachers so that they can deliver quality education to our students. Students age range from 3 to 18. To learn more please click here!
Aston A plus Class in Progress
Aston A Plus launched in September 2009. This is the high end division of Aston, providing an intimate class environment. Students graduating from A Plus are eligible to enrol into universities in the USA. Teachers have access to the latest, state of the art classroom equipment. To learn more
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BCS International launched in 2012. BCS International is our USA High School Diploma Program for Chinese High School students that will be attending college in the US or other English speaking countries. The program allows Chinese students to receive a US High School Diploma in addition to their Chinese HS Diploma. To learn more click here!

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