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Weihai Aston

Located at the eastern tip of Shandong Peninsula , Weihai, a well- known port and tourist city in China ,is one of the coastal open cities and the first national Environmental City in China as well as one of the first national Model Cities for Environmental Protection. Weihai covers an area of 5,436 square kilometers with a population of 2.47 million. The average temperature of weihai is 12℃, and the average precipitation is over 800 mm. With the four seasons distinctively different, Weihai enjoys an agreeable climate. Backed by the mountain and facing the sea,which makes Weihai an ideal place for tourism ,summer resort and recuperation

Yantai Aston

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Yantai is pleasantly breezy city overlooking the Liaodong Peninsula in Shandong Province (Google Earth: 37°32’01.29”N, 121°24’00.65”E). According to the Chinese State Statistics Bureau, Yantai ranks 33/50 economic power in China. It’s a modern, forward-thinking, and well-developed (and developing) place. Yantai is an ambitious city with big plans in the near future to increase trade with America, Japan, and particularly South Korea – and this can be illustrated by its huge, booming docklands.

Zibo Aston

Zibo is located between the mountainous and the flat, plain area of the Shandong province. Zibo is in an ideal geographical location, with Mountain Tai in the south, the Yellow River in the north, seashore tourist cities like Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai in the east, and the City of Spring--Jinan, in the west.

Zibo is an important hub in Shandong, facilitating both railroad and highway transport. The total length of railway in the city is 558 kilometers. The road has 15 main lines leading to other cities. The roads have a total length of over 3000 kilometers. Jiqing Highway crosses the whole city from east to west. It is only 70 kilometers from ZhangDian to Jinan International Airport. It is 210 kilometers to the Qingdao port in the east. As you can see, Zibo is conveniently located near major air and shipping ports. Zibo is also a mail-processing station and a telecommunication center in Shandong.

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March Semester 2014
Various Locations
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