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Mianyang is Sichuan’s second biggest city district (population 5.3 million) and lies in the northwest of the Sichuan basin. Recently Mianyang was voted China’s 3rd most livable city in China after Dalian and Xiamen (source: China Daily newspaper) Mianyang locals are understandably proud of their exceptionally clean, beautiful, modern, pollution free city.

Mianyang’s history stretches back to the time of the first emperor of the Han Dynasty, around 200BC. Mianyang County was the birthplace of China’s most famous Tang dynasty poet Lee Bai.

The city currently hosts the headquarters and research facilities of some of China’s largest technology corporate giants (Changhong and Jiuzhou) and thus the population has a relatively large contingent of highly educated people working as engineering and electronic specialists.

Mianyang has all the conveniences you would come to expect from a modern Chinese city with major western brands readily available. The entire of Sichuan province is famous for having a relaxed way of life and good nightlife; and Mianyang is no exception to this rule. Al-fresco dining or drinking is the norm here especially in the spring and summer evenings. There are plenty of bars and clubs available for those who want them. A local highlight would be the Flags bar run by a friendly British expat which boasts a very impressive selection of foreign beers and wines.

Summers are hot while winters are mild here. High winds or heavy rain are quite rare in Mianyang. The city has three rivers (known in Chinese as the Anchanghe, Fujiang and Furongxi rivers) small boat tours are available as well as floating restaurants.

Within an hour or two’s travelling distance from the city are numerous temples, mountains and scenic/historical sights. A mere two hour train/bus journey will take you to Chengdu (Sichuan’s capital) and an over night train journey can be made to the historical city of Xian.

As for the food, Mianyang being in Sichuan province is of course home to probably the most famous school of Chinese cooking “Sichuan cuisine”. However all the major schools of Chinese food can be found here, as well as authentic Korean and Japanese style food.




March Semester 2014
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