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Ningbo is in the east of China,it is the most developed foreign trade city in Zhejiang Province. The number of foreigners in Zhejiang Province is top-ranked nationwide.

Ningbo is located on the coast of the East China Sea. It is a great city with thriving economy and varied culture. Ningbo's GDP per capita reached the level of middle-sized countries in Europe. And there are many national tourist attractions. Ningbo is a developed city, and it has an estimated population of 8500000. Because it is a seaport city, the air is fresh, and here the virescence maintenance very well. Ningbo has repeatedly been awarded as one of the happiest cities in China. Ningbo Aston was set up in 2017, and up to now, more than 220 students in Ningbo Aston. The students in our school range from 3 to 12 in age. It is a very modern, dynamic and competitive school.



About our school

Here are some details

1. Name: Ningbo Aston English School

2. Location: No. 857 Huangshan Road, Beilun District, Ningbo Zhejiang

3. Since opening, the number of students is on the increase in Aston. Aston is a modern school. Every classroom is equipped with an interactive electronic whiteboard, the latest educational equipment. The students in our school range from 3 to 12 in age, so the teacher can teach students of different ages. And teachers can develop comprehensive teaching skills. We are a young team, and full of energy and passion. Whether in work or life, we all give a lot of support and help. In the teaching, our teachers will give you professional guidance, and they will help you solve the problems; In daily life, we will help you to adjust to the China. we have three foreign teachers and eleven Chinese staffs up to now. They are passionate, friendly and helpful. Work here, it's just like home.

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Your apartment

All foreign teachers have their own apartment. The apartment is located in Fubang Square (our school is also in Fubang Square). Our apartment is clean, chic and modernization. The apartment has a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom and other necessary facilities (Such as chair, table, Wi-Fi etc.). It's about five minutes' walk from your apartment to school. And there is a Carrefour near the apartment. It's about three minutes' walk from your apartment to Carrefour. You can buy many kinds of commodity and goods, and some international products.

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Why do you like Ningbo

Ningbo is a city bordering on the East China Sea, beautiful scenery, fresh air and pleasant climate. Ningbo is not only a modern city, but also a long history and cultural city. Ningbo makes modern civilization combine with historic culture perfectly. It is also a westernized city. There are lots of  international chain stores and global brands, and they have been scattered around this city. The local food is very delicious, especially abundant marine resources. So you can taste all kinds of seafood. Lots of foreign nationals live here or settle down in Ningbo. It is easy for you to find some foreign restaurants, and meet Chinese friends and friends from all over the world.

Things you can do

There are many sights in this city, and you can do lots of things. Such as Dongqian Lake, the Moon Lake, Ningbo Museum, Jiufeng Mountain, The old Bund etc. The transportation is very convenient, and you can go everywhere you want to go by public transportation. The public security is good here, and you can enjoy the wonderful night life. There are different clubs, bars and restaurants. And some of them is close to your apartment. If you prefer to go a gym, there is an advanced gym in Hilton Hotel. It's 500 meters from your apartment to the gym. There are lots of night markets in this city at the same time adds the charm of the city at night and vitality.


You can walk around. It is easy and it doesn't cost too much money. There are subways and taxis everywhere. The vehicles can take you to almost anywhere in Ningbo. And it makes your travel become easier. The city has great bus service. The different buses follow their own routes, it only cost 2 Yuan. If you want to travel freely and more actively, you can choose the public bike. There are hundreds of public bikes in this city, and it only cost 2 Yuan every half an hour. The city has two main railway stations. You can take the ordinary train or the high speed train to go other cities. It only takes one hour from Ningbo to Hangzhou. There is an international airport. It takes one hour from the city center to the airport by subway. It means that it's easy and convenient for you to go somewhere by plane.




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