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Address: 5th Floor, Chenxing Building, 72 Jianguo North Road, Korla City, Xinjiang Province, China

The School


Korla ASTON English training center was established in September 2012, located in No. 72, Jianguo North Road, Korla City, Xinjiang Province, with a modern and comfortable environment. And from time to time we provide free community class to improve the English level of society as a whole. Aston English School has been striving to ensure that students' learning and teachers’ teaching is also full of fun by keeping the curriculum and teaching methods creative and stimulating students' individual potential. We warmly welcome you to Korla Aston English, get to know Aston English and work with us into future success.We firmly believe that everyone will enjoy Aston new mode of operation and management.


Parents waiting area

Large spacious classrooms

Demo Classroom with a library of books

Guagua area for students to do extra studying

Foreign Teacher’s Apartment

Aston apartments are shared 2 to 3 bedroom apartments. The teachers have their own private bedroom, living room spaces and kitchen. Standard items are a TV, refrigerator, microwave, water dispenser, western toilet, as well as standard kitchen utensils.


The City


Situated at the northeastern rim of the foreboding, dry Taklamakan Desert and neighboring the Lop Nor salt lake marshes, a relic site, known as Loulan, lies on 350 km southeast of Korla. It is in the shape of a square with and covers a total of 120,000 square meters. Remnants of another time the likes of pagodas and tombs are scattered throughout the Yadan area.

Korla means "overlook" in Uygur and is the capital of the Bayin'gholin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, which covers around the same land area as France and is the largest prefecture in China. To the northeast you can find the Tarim Basin, to the north the mighty Tianshan Mountain branches off into the Kuluke Mountain and Hualashan Mountain, stretching across the landscape and to the south, the second largest desert in the world, the Taklimakan. The Korlanatives are a mix of ethnicities the Han, Uygur, Mongolian; Hui are the most common locals as for a few other minorities. In total, the minority ethnic people account for about 30.1% of the population.

Hang-out spots

Longshan Park


Longshan Park is established in February 2001, with a planned area of 167 hectares. Longshan Park is divided into seven scenic spots: Longshan Scenic Area, Longtan Scenic Area, Longzishan Scenic Area, Arid Vegetation Eco-Park, Crescent Spring, Animal Ornamental Area and Amusement Area. It is an open comprehensive park integrating recreation, sightseeing and food. Longshan at night, the city well is a brilliant light, the Lion Bridge on the Peacock River, traffic Malong.


Luobu Village

10.jpg  11.jpg

Located 35 kilometers southwest of Yuli County, Luobu Village is 85 kilometers south of Korla City. The village covers 72 square kilometers and has more than 20 families. It is one of the largest villages in Western China. The largest desert, the longest inland river, the largest green corridor and the Silk Road intersect here, forming a golden natural landscape.

There are a variety of primitive Populuseuphratica forests, where the Tarim River and the Weigan River intersect, and the Taklimakan Desert is endless. Tourists can wade rivers, cross forests, ride camels to watch the sand sea, hunt, ski sand, catch fish by boat, listen to Rob people singing folk songs, watch Rob dance around the campfire, sleep in thatched houses, enjoy the ancient Rob ethnic customs, and enjoy the pleasure of returning to nature. More and more tourists at home and abroad are attracted by the exotic customs of the Rob villages in the hinterland of the desert. At present, the 4A scenic spot in this country has formed such tourism projects as ecological sightseeing, hunting, boating, Rob people's amorous feelings tour, and has become a tourist attraction of Xinjiang, which has also led to the local economic development.


Special Food:

Xinjiang mutton Kebabs


Xinjiang mutton Kebabs are as famous as roast duck in Beijing and these kebabs are usually bought on the street and often accompanied by a large, flat oven.




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