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Yangxian Aston

Shaanxi province


Yangxian Aston School is a well-known and respected school in the local area. It is the only professional English training school in the city.





Yangxian is located in southwestern Shaanxi Province, the Daba Mountains are to the south of the county; to the north are the Qin Mountains. The city is 3,206 square kilometres. It encompasses the easternmost portion of the Han River (Hanshui) Gorges, including the Hanzhong Basin. Yangxian has been inhabited for over 7,000 years since the Neolithic period, so the city is steeped in history. Since the Tang dynasty and Song dynasty, many famous writers and artists have passed through, including Du Fu, Bai Juyi, Su Shi, and Wen Tong. In Yangxian it is easy to make friends with the locals due to their welcoming nature, whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery on offer. The city has a clean environment which ensures the location has a rich local wildlife population of crested ibis, panda, and antelope. There are many affordable restaurants, gyms, theaters and bars to enjoy in your spare time. Yangxian as good transport access to come of the larger cities in China. Xi’an is just an hour away by car, whilst Beijing and a variety of other cool cities can be gotten too within 2 hours by air. Yangxian is served by Hanzhong airport, in the city of Hanzhon which is just over 1 hour away by car or bus. And the Xi'an–Chengdu High-Speed Railway began operations in December 2017.




The teacher's apartment is a short 5-minute walk from the school. The apartment is clean, cozy and is equipped with almost everything you need to ensure your move to Yangxian is comfortable and stress free. Our staff are extremely welcoming, so they will be very happy to help you if you have any questions.  Welcome to Yangxian Aston English School where you can be part of hard working small team, passionate for teaching English. 



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