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Xingping Aston

Shaanxi Province


Address: Xihuan Road, XingpingCity, ShaanxiProvince, China


Aston has been in Xingping since June 2006. Xingping is a small town located about 50km west of Xi’an and 25km south from Xianyang with a population of around 120,000. This is a small city with a rural feel and relaxed pace of life on the outskirts of Xi’an.

We warmly welcome you to the Aston Xingping family and hope you will enjoy in our XingPing  Aston School. The team at Xingping Aston is friendly, welcoming here. The traffic here in Xingping is convenient. You can ride a bike, scooter or walk to school. We hope you will enjoy your life in Xingping.


We have a young and energetic team of staff, and we are looking for professional and positive people who want to join in us. There are fantastic career opportunities for ambitious people in our organization.


The school


Our school has a modern and elegant design; it has a wonderful working environment.

We have over 7 spacious classrooms with bright, fully equipped with teaching aids, games and toys. Some classrooms are also kitted out with Interactive Whiteboards.



Here are some pictures from our recent activities and events.




Welcome to Xingping





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