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Xianyang Aston

Shaanxi Province


Xianyang- laid back, cheap and convenient, and a mere subway ride away from the cultural highlights and parties of big city Xian. Xianyang has one main Aston location situated in the city downtown, as well as other locations in the counties around Xianyang. Apartments for teachers are also situated within the downtown allowing for easy access to the main Aston location and to other city features. Xianyang Aston also provides each apartment with wifi internet in addition to the housing features guaranteed in your contract.





Xianyang Aston is a modern school in the heart of Xianyang City. It won the countrywide Aston Schools standards competition in 2014 meaning it is the safest and best presented Aston in the country. We have 30 professional, friendly staff and experienced foreign and Chinese management. There are 10 classrooms, all with computers and electronic white-boards. There is a spacious office for our teachers, which lots of resources to help prepare lessons.





Xianyang is located twenty kilometers west of Xi’an in Shaanxi Province, along the northern bank of the Wei River. This is the original ancient capital city of China and its history dates back well over 2,500 years. It is here that Qin Shihuang unified the various warring kingdoms of the Eastern Asian continent into a single political entity.

The growing city embraces its historic past as it moves into the modern age. Xianyang today is a modest sized Chinese city of about 1 million people. The population consists mainly of Han Chinese, Hui, Mongol, and Xinjiang peoples, with a definite Islamic presence in the local culture and food. In many ways it is a typical balance of modern downtown and faded tenement areas found in many cities of its size throughout China.

The famous historical sites scattered throughout Shaanxi are easily accessible from Xianyang. Ancient tombs, palaces, and temples dot the surrounding countryside and there is local transportation to all of these places. The Loess Plateau to the north, an area of serene beauty and village life, is also easily explored on days off with relative ease. The countryside around Xianyang is beautiful. There are large mountain ranges to the north and south of the city which boast beautiful scenery and exploration opportunities (some people live in caves there!).
The food of Xianyang is a highlight. Central Asian styles of cooking are dominant in the street markets and standard Chinese styles from throughout the country are represented. Shaanxi remains one of the best places in the world for handmade noodle dishes. In addition to this, there are a couple of excellent, reasonably priced places serving up Western cuisine. Xianyang also has McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hutt and Starbucks- so you aren’t isolated from popular western chains. There are many Western goods in the local supermarkets.

Central City Xianyang has changed a lot in recent years with a number of new bars and cafes opening around the school. These offer great opportunities to unwind hang out with friends and meet new people. Just up the road in Xian there is a large ex-pat community with the parties, bars and food which come with that. There are gyms and a martial arts school within walking distance of the school. Buses, taxis, e-bikes and tuk-tuks make moving around the city very easy.

The weather in Xianyang is continental with 4 distinct seasons. Summer is hot with occasional heavy rains and frequent thunderstorms rolling out of the Qinling Mountains to the south. Winter is cold with below freezing temperatures at night and infrequent snows. Spring and autumn are very pleasant times of the year with abundant sunshine and little rain.

The subway takes you right into Xian from Xianyang and buses get you into downtown Xian in about 45 minutes. Trains from Xianyang enable easy access to areas throughout China. Beijing, Shanghai, Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Chengdu, and Wuhan are all easy overnight train rides. The high speed train will get you to Beijing in 6 hours and has opened up a new route to Chengdu where the pandas are. Xi’an International Airport is actually just outside of Xianyang and is well connected with the rest of the country and beyond. Return flights to Thailand can be bought for less than 1000RMB ($US157) if you want to go to the beach.



Xianyang Aston offers clean, comfortable apartments in the middle of the city, near school. They are all fully furnished. Uncle He is our champion maintenance man and will quickly help with any problems that come up- broken washing machines, furniture etc.

“Having access to major city attractions while coming back to live in a quieter setting makes life here in Xianyang pretty sweet. Moving to China was quite daunting especially without a firm grasps on the language, but staff here helped me without fail, whether it was simply to order food, navigate the bus and subways, or understand the curriculum. Once staff helped me quickly adjust to living, I could ask them how to have fun, and now I can regularly visit the neighbouring Xi’an, take a stroll along the Xianyang Lake, and have dinner with friends at a local night BBQ. Looking back, the development from having middling familiarity with the country to having the ability to navigate and enjoy China’s attractions any way I want amazes me, and I have the staff here, foreign and native, to thank for helping me become established.”

Leonard – Aston Xianyang, 2014


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