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Wuqi Aston

Shaanxi Province


Location: Aston English, 4th Floor, Xusheng Mansion, Wuqi County


Wuqi Aston English School is the latest addition to the Aston family. The school opened on 21 July 2018. The school has over 60 students and has been setting its mark in providing clear cut interactive learning in the classroom. The school has a beautiful modernized look with great atmosphere all around. With more than 120 schools in China and over 21 years’ experience in the industry, when you join Aston you have joined a world leader in English Education. At Wuqi Aston English School, you will be working with energetic and creative individuals who appreciate someone who is a self-starter, exudes confidence and is determined to make a difference in the school.




Introduction to Wuqi

Wuqi County is a county city under the jurisdiction of Yan'an

City, in the northwest of Shaanxi Province, China, bordering Gansu province to the southwest of China. Wuqi is surrounded by everything green and clear blue skies. The beautiful mountain views make a sight for sore eyes as a view to wake up to every morning. The cool weather and crisp clean air make it great for midday and afternoon walks around the city




Our School

This is the school front desk where all daily operations takes place. This is where you can also find assistance in terms of books, stationery and other school related queries. Gina and Anna are also very helpful in providing things you may need at your convenience.




This is the teachers’ office. This is where you can sit in to do your lesson planning every week and as well as sit in during your class breaks. It is quite a peaceful space to work in. During lunch breaks if you do not feel like eating out, you can order food using the food app and chill there to enjoy your meal.


School library

We usually have our weekly English corners here and during demo classes it is used as a waiting area for the children while their parents have a word with our curriculum consultants. Our registered students can have access to the books and read a tale or two. It is much more fun of course when we have our weekly activities going on!


Our classrooms

Our lovely classrooms are quite conducive to student’s learning. All the classrooms have a white board which is an essential tool to use in the classroom when teaching students. We have a range of teaching activities and we promote interactive learning for our students.





All apartments come fully furnished. The apartments are spacious and quite comfortable to live in. For any maintenance issues you can contact Milk as he is the handy man and will come through to fix any issues you may incur in the apartment. The apartment is a 5 minute walk to school and it is close by to the local shopping mall as well as local restaurants so you can easily access anything at your convenience.


The kitchen is furnished with a microwave kettle, water heating system and a gas heating stove. The kitchen also has sufficient storage space


The bathrooms have a heating system when you turn on the lights so you will not freeze while you are taking your shower.


The bedroom is quite spacious with a comfortable bed mattress and sufficient wardrobe space to store your belongings. The apartment also comes with a free Wi-Fi router, making your access to information on the Internet convenient.



Life in Wuqi

Wuqi people are very friendly and helpful if you need help getting around but they do get fascinated when they see foreigners so do not be alarmed if you are the centre of attention when walking around the town. Being a foreigner in the city has its perks when you go to the restaurants and nail bars and can get discounted prices.



Chinese cuisine is great for its exquisite flavors and interesting dishes. From cold noodles to their dumplings (bao’zi and jao’zi) and the famous Hotpot which is a hit in Wuqi. If you do not fancy Chinese cuisine you can always opt for rice dishes which are very delicious and flavor filled. This is one of the delicious local Chinese dishes which cost 20 RMB with a free bowl of rice.


This meal would cost you around 36 RMB. Western restaurants are usually more expensive than Chinese restaurants.



There are quite a number of shopping stores nearby and the shopping mall which is 5 minutes away from your apartment. On the 2nd floor is where you can do all your clothing shopping. On the 3rd floor there are a variety of delicious food restaurants you can go to as well with dishes that cost as little as 10 RMB. You can also find some nail bars if you fancy getting a manicure done for just 50 RMB.



It is quite convenient to travel around the city as the local taxis cost only 6 RMB. If you do want to visit other cities such as Yanan, you would need to take a cab which costs 45 RMB as it is a 2 hour drive from Wuqi. Yanan is also the connecting city to catch a train to other cities you may wish to travel to. A bus trip to X’ian (Capital city of Shaanxi province) is a 5 hour drive and a single bus ticket costs 143 RMB.

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