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Weinan Aston English school takes after the city its in – a modest building home to some of the most friendly people you'll ever meet. With a small handful of foreign teachers it's easy to get to know everybody. The 20+ Chinese staff go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and help you with any chores around the city.





Weinan is a small city in the central-Chinese province of Shaanxi. Offering a slice of typical Chinese life and the rapid development of the city, 900,000 people call the city home, although not many of them are foreigners. As such, when walking around the city our foreigners are often greeted with smiles and “Hello!”s from Weinan residents young and old. Getting around the city is no problem either. Wide roads and non-crowded streets mean walking or cycling around the city is stress-free and relaxing. You can take advantage of this to visit one of the many shopping malls, western fast-food restaurants, large parks, or the high-tech zone. If you're after a more traditional side of Chinese living, you can head on over to the old side of town and visit the many family-owned shops and restaurants there.


The city has lots to offer. Countless restaurants line every street and the cost of living in Weinan is very low. Meals in restaurants and rides in taxis are all very cheap. Living costs in China vary greatly and Weinan is definitely at the cheaper end of the scale. A taxi fare to almost anywhere in the city will come to 4.5RMB – around 60 U.S.cents or 35 British pennies. Around the city there are many small back-alley restaurants to try and countless more dishes to taste. But, if you're not in the mood for noodles or rice, it's easy to head over to McDonald's, KFC or alike. At night, head over to 'BBQ Street' where outdoor-grilled BBQ and live musical entertainment is available until the early hours of the morning, with plenty of cheap alcohol too!

Shopping in Weinan is also a great experience. If you just want to get the shopping out of the way, head on over to one of the larger western-style supermarkets. But, if you're up for an adventure, head to one of the traditional markets and practice your Chinese to try and negotiate a bargain! Want something western or hard-to-find? No problem. Jump on the high-speed train and you're in Xi'an city less than half an hour later. You can enjoy the large range of shops Xi'an has to offer, thenhead back to your relaxed Weinan life.

Around the city you'll find mountains, rivers and lakes. The “Wei” river (after which the city is named) flows to the north of the city. A 20-minute bike ride south and you're in the middle of the countryside, host to lots of weird and wonderful sights. To the west lies Xi'an, and less than an hour to the east is the famous Mount Hua – one of the five sacred mountains of China.

People in Weinan like to live relaxed lives. All are familiar with the crowded, frantic pace of life in the nearby city of Xi'an, and thus decide to take life slower and easier. The people are friendly and inviting. Strangers look-on with intrigue at never-before-seen foreign faces, while English students all over the city want to take the opportunity to practice their English. It's easy to make friends, and this leads to great opportunities to develop (or start learning!) Chinese language.



Three words: Location, location, location. The apartments are situated right opposite the school. Being so close means it's easy to go home and relax after a long day of teaching, or being only a two-minute walk, you can even spend your lunch-break at home.

All apartments are furnished with a sofa, TV, microwave, western-style toilet, etc. Being in a gated apartment-complex also offers extra reassurance and security. The complex is situated in the heart of the city, within a 5-minute walk you'll find the 24 hour McDonald's, the western-style gym, banks, small supermarkets, a fresh-produce market, bars, countless local restaurants and the complex is right next to a bus stop if you want to go anywhere else in the city.




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