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Name of School : Lantian Aston English School

Location City: Lantian City, Shan xi Province

Address (English):Beixin Road, Lantian City, Xi’an City, Shan xi Province


Aston has been in Lantian since October 2017. We now have one school here with about 100 students and growing. Foreign teacher working here loves the city and the kids.


The School:

Our school has a modern design and it has a great working environment. You’ll find bright colors, fully equipped classrooms, an Ipad area with books, and a teachers’ office with teaching aids and other wonderful things here. Every classroom is also kitted out with Interactive Whiteboards, multi-media resources and enough space to play all the games you want. 



Classrooms       An Ipadarea for students with books


The team at Lantian Aston is friendly, welcoming and there to help with whatever our foreign teachers may need as they settle down to life in China.


School events:   

Throughout the year Aston holds various parties at our school, this is an opportunity to have more fun with the children and less of a focus on teaching English. We will often have fancy dress, play games, sing songs, give out gifts and have competitions. All to give the children an experience of Western culture and the festivals we most commonly celebrate. We encourage our foreign teachers to share their culture with the students and devise new and interesting ways to do so. 


Every year we hold a Christmas and Halloween party, but we may hold one-off parties such as Mother’s day party, Thanksgiving Day party, etc. We would also love to learn about new traditions and festivals so if you have any other ideas you want us to do we would love to work with you on them!  


Here are some pictures from our recent activities and events.



What to do here? 

Our school is located in the Center of Lantian. Traditionally the center of Lantian has been where much more of the businesses, restaurants, supermarkets, fastfood stores etc.

Ba River Wetland Park (灞河湿地公园):


WangshunshanNational Forest Park (王顺山国家森林公园):



Tangyu Hot spring( 汤峪温泉)



You can relax here with your friends


What is there to eat and drink?

Teachers have a multitude of choices when popping outside for lunch during the one hour forty-five-minute lunch break on a Saturday, or Sunday.


Although there are too many Chinese restaurants to mention, I would just like to just show you some pictures of a couple of the places near the school. The school manager, CCs, CTs and the other foreign teachers would all be happy to show you them when you arrive.  There are also several KTVs!




Getting around:

Taxi' s :  If the taxi' s are available there will be a small red light with Chinese lettering, that means the taxi is available. If there is no red light visible, then it is occupied or on break. The colorful taxi's start off at 5RMB. The later in the evening it gets the higher the taxi fee will become. Always make sure the taxi driver puts the red sign down and the taxis computer will begin to calculate distance and cost.


Buses:  The public bus system is a good method of travelling in and around Lantian as cheaply as possible. Payment is usually either RMB1 or Rmb2. You can put the money in a little metal box next to the driver when you get on the bus, otherwise there will be someone on the bus that will come to you to collect payment and give you a ticket when you tell them your destination. Drivers and ticket sellers usually don't speak English, so make sure you know when to get off the bus before you get on it. Buses are often crowded, pushing and shoving is to be expected. Passengers enter at the front of the bus, exit at the back. Remember to keep your valuables safe. Google Maps and its Chinese counterpart, Baidu Maps, now give directions from place to place using the bus system. 


Where else can go and see?

We have a red bus can take you to Xi’an in 45 min and it only cost 10 RMB.

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