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Hanzhong Aston

Shaanxi Province



Situated conveniently along the passage of the Qing Ling Mountains in southern Shaanxi province lies Hanzhong. A mere 1.5 hours from Xian and 2.5 hours to Chengdu by high speed rail takesyou to the major connecting city hubs in China’s central western region.




Conveniently located in Hantai, the most central part of the city, Hanzhong Aston English is on East Street, just a short bus ride or walk from the centre of Hanzhong. The school is well established and has been running for over a decade in Hanzhong catering for a variety of age groups.





Major shopping facilities are close and abundant. Accommodation is situated a reasonable distance from both the school and the central shopping districts.


Hanzhong is a growing city with a long history dating back to the founding of the Han Dynasty. The many surrounding satellite townships of Hanzhong also make it a varied and interesting place for day tripping and its connections to the major hubs ensure the whole of China is within reach.



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