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Hancheng Aston

Shaanxi Province




Hancheng Aston English has undergone significant development since it opened. The school started with just 50 students and 4 teachers in 2014 but has grown to include 13 teachers, 300 students, with further increases predicted in the future. The school is centrally located making it easy to find. There is a gym nearby, a supermarket and a selection of western and Chinese restaurants.



Hancheng Aston English has 13 employees who are young, helpful and extremely dedicated to teaching and learning. Our school has large classrooms making it easy to learn and implement activities in class. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and a sound system to enhance the quality of learning.

In Hancheng Aston, we work effectively together as a team. We provide numerous opportunities and assist in planning for our staff to visit different cities together to help promote the family atmosphere we desire at Aston.



Hancheng City is situated in the northeastern border of the Central Shaanxi Plain Basin, which is on the west bank of the Yellow River. The city has a population of 374,000 with 142,000 situated in urban areas. The Han people are the majority population however the city contains a mix of individuals from ten other minorities, including the Hui, Manchu and Mongolian nationalities. The local environment is predominantly mountainous. It has four distinctive seasons and plenty of sunlight. The annual average temperature is about 13℃.


Hancheng is one of the famous historical and cultural cities in China, and it is the birthplace of Sima Qian, a great historian, litterateur and ideologist known worldwide. Hancheng is proud of its rich historical and cultural heritages, and is well known throughout China for its vast cultural relics. Hancheng opened its door to the outside world with a major development drive ensuring the city has high quality shopping malls, modern amenities and wide highways. 





At Hancheng Aston we will try our best to help you. Our teachers’ apartments are very comfortable, with spacious rooms and modern furniture. The location makes it easy for you to travel to school and well situated to go shopping. The transport is safe, clean and convenient which ensures that anywhere in the city is accessible.

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