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Name of School: Baoji Aston English School

Location city: Baoji City, Shaanxi Province

Address (English): The 6th floor, Building B, JuYi Square, Jin er Road,  WeiBin Area, Baoji City,  Shaanxi  Province, China


Nestled in a mountain valley about 180 km west of Xian, the city of Baoji is a major metropolitan area in Western China. Due to its geographic location controlling a major pass in the Qinling Mountain Range, it has a long history as a trading and garrison centre. Baoji is the second biggest city in Shaanxi after Xi’an and a social and cultural hub of the region.


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The school

Aston has been in Baoji since May 2005.  We now have 700 students and are continuing to grow. We currently have 3 foreign teachers who love the city and the school. Our school has a modern and elegant design, making it a wonderful working and learning environment. You will find bright colors, high ceilings, and 10 fully equipped classrooms. Every classroom is also kitted out with Interactive Whiteboards, multi-media resources and enough space for our teachers to introduce games and activities to the students.  The teacher’s office has plenty of teaching aids, games and toys. Throughout the year Aston holds various events at our school for the students,  as well as teamwork activities for the staff.  We encourage our foreign teachers to share their culture with Chinese staff and devise new and interesting ways to do so


Chinese Staff

The front desk staff deal mainly with the students and their parents, but they can also play an important role in your life here. As local residents, they often know good places to eat or pick up household items. They can also help you make phone calls to reserve plane or train tickets and hotels, order food delivered to the school for lunch, show you to the local pharmacy, shopping malls and much more. You will get to meet all the other teachers before you even begin teaching.  Some of the teachers have been at Aston for a long time and will be able to give excellent advice about everything, from teaching issues to information about living in Baoji.


The Apartment

Each teacher has their own furnished apartment. The apartments are conveniently located for going to school and shopping.


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The City

The school is located in the center of Baoji.  Baoji has many different restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, and movie theaters, meaning there are tons of places to hang out. The cost of living is very affordable, and if one of your goals is to save money then this a great city in which to do so.  Overall, it's a perfect city to live a relaxed, comfortable lifestyle; much like the locals.



Bikes:There are share bikes all around the city which are cheap and plentiful.


Taxis: You can see cheap taxis everywhere. If you’re adventurous you can get a tuktuk, or you can also download the Chinese version of Uber which is called Didi.


Buses: The public bus system is a good method of travelling in and around Baoji. Being only 1 or 2 RMB, it is also extremely cheap


Inter-city Buses: The inter-city buses are a cheap way to see the nearby cities. You can also catch a bus directly to the Xian international airport.


Train: There are two types of train that service Baoji, the slow train and the fast train. The slow train takes you to downtown Xian, with the fast train also taking you to Xian and further afield.


Airport: The nearby Xianyang international airport has direct flights all over China and Asia. You can get connecting flights anywhere in the world.



There are a wide variety of dining options in Baoji.  Locals love hot pot, noodles and variations of traditional sandwiches. You can find countless little restaurants and food stands for cheap eats. Locals are extremely friendly and always love to interact with foreigners at such places. There are a handful of Western chains, plus higher end restaurants serving more familiar food like steak and pasta.  Baoji also has a good number of bakeries and cafes where you can relax and have a coffee.



Baoji has lots of opportunity for shopping. There are several Western shopping malls, including Kaiyuan right by the foreign teachers' apartments. “Pedestrian Street” is lined with boutique shops and food stalls.  There are a number of traditional markets, which are cheap places to buy fruits, vegetables and household goods.  Of course, nowadays you can order pretty much everything on the internet and have it easily delivered to school.



Baoji has many entertainment options. Foreigners love the many movie theaters as western movies are regularly released, in English with Chinese subtitles.  There are a handful of good bars and clubs, not to mention countless KTV's. Cheng CangAncient Town is an entertainment district with boutique shops, eateries and nightlife designed like a traditional Chinese city.  Xifu Town, overlooking Baoji, is similar.  Of course for a real big night out, Xian is a quick train ride away.



Baoji is a great place for outdoor recreation. There are several city parks like Ren Ming Park and Yandi Park that are beautiful places to relax and mix with locals. You'll often see people singing or dancing and playing traditional music.  In addition to parks, the riverside has endless paths and gardens, along with amenities like ping pong tables and basketball courts.  For those that like more serious exercise, the school's Chinese staff is happy to help you setup a membership at one of many local gyms.



Baoji residents are proud of their city's more traditional way of life and lengthy history.  The city is home to the Bronze Museum, which holds ancient artifacts from China's Zhou dynasty.  The museum is next to a beautiful botanical garden.  As Shaanxi province is the heart of many early Chinese dynasties, there are many nearby historical sites.  There are also several temples in and around Baoji.  A great daytrip is to the nearby Famen Temple, which is believed to hold relics from the Buddha.


Outer Baoji

Baoji is actually a collection of nearby towns (called counties).  Hot springs, beautiful forests like the Tai Bai Forest, and skiing are just a few things to be enjoyed within the expansive city limits.  Just ask the staff for help getting to different locations, we are always happy to help.  The counties themselves also make for interesting day trips.  One example is Longxie, home to a famous parade, or shehuo, marking the end of Chinese New Year.


Where else can I go and see?

We have the high speed train and below are information on how to get to various places from our location:


Xian -- 55 minutes away by train.

Xian is the cultural entertainment of the province if you want to see the terracotta warriors, enjoy a German restaurant or party with some local foreigners on bar street. Then you should pay a visit to Xian.


Chengdu -- 5 hours away by fast train

Chengdu is a city with a long history. You can find many great places to visit and lots of nice food. Sichuan is the home of the Giant Panda and Chengdu has a famous panda theme park where you can go and see these amazing animals.

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