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Ankang Aston

Shaanxi Province 


Address: 3rd floor of Yinghu Road Xinghua Group Office Building, Hanbin District, Ankang City, Shaanxi Province, China.


Ankang Aston English is a training school chartered by Aston Education Group. Since its inception in 2008, the school has relied on the strong teaching research and development team of AEG. It has established a sense of the times and internationalization through brand-recognition, professionalization of teachers, and modernization of teaching.


Our school has about 300 students and 13 employees. Our students have varying levels of english comprehension from pre-school, to pre-teen, to adult, mature and business english learners. Adhering to the unique advantages of "Aston Interactive Teaching Model" and "IPA Training Method", students are given the tools they need to improve their oral english skills.


Our academy has 10 classrooms, equipped projectors, interactive white boards, laptops, and air conditioners. Students and teachers can learn in a healthy, comfortable, clean environment.


Ankang Aston English School has over 10 years experience operating in the ESL Education market and is considered a leader in Ankang. All our staff are ready to welcome you to an efficient and professional work environment, partnering with you on your journey through ESL training in China.


The design of our school is simple and generous, parallel with high-tech. The school has a good learning environment. For example, sky-blue wall paint, natural wood flooring, bright light and so on. Let people enter the classroom mood will then be happy. Then it is equipped with interactive electronic whiteboard, multimedia resources, air conditioning, fully equipped teaching aids and so on. The goal is to create enough space to play all the games you want.





 The Bright and Simple Classrooms





 Parents’ waiting area with a library of books 


1. Front desk


 Front Desk After New Decoration


Our front desk staff mainly solve the problems of parents and students. As consultants, they are very familiar with the school situation and surrounding information. If you need assistance with anything, the front desk staff are always happy to help


2. Chinese and Foreign Teachers

After arriving in Ankang Aston, you will meet all our secondary school teachers who will do their best to guide you in your skills and suggestions. They can provide advice and assistance with not only work, but also life and living related issues.


06.jpg Several of our Chinese teachers and foreign teachers




3.School events:

Our school holds special activities each month to expose students to a variety of customs and traditions from our foreign teacher’s cultures. Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving all get some special attention as the students learn about how these events are celebrated outside of China.



 One of our foreign teachers training the Chinese staff.






4. Accommodation in Ankang

Address (English): Room 401, Unit 3, Family Home of Lianhua West Lane Industrial Bank, Hanbin District, Ankang City

Address (Chinese): 安康市汉滨区莲花西巷工行家属院3单元401室

Time to get to the apartment: 20 minutes on foot or 10 minutes by bus.





Some photos of the foreign teacher's apartment


Our apartments are furnished, western-style studio apartments. Each is equipped with furniture and appliances, washing machine, sofas, microwave oven, hotplate,  a refrigerator and commonly used kitchen utensils.

The neighbourhood includes several large supermarkets, a hospital, pharmacies and western-style restaurants.  The school is located in the central area of Ankang City, and transportation options around the city are numerous.


Life in Ankang


Ankang is a peaceful and more traditional city in Central China. Nestled in the mountains in southeastern Shaanxi Province and about 3 hours from Xi’an Ankang is a city with an area of 23,391 square kilometers. Dabashan is to the south, the Qinling Mountains to the north and from the west to east are the Han River and the Shaanxi Provincial Waters, the most abundant geothermal resources in the region.The annual air index is excellent.  The average annual temperature is 12-15.7 degrees, the average rainfall is 750—1200 ml, and the average sunshine hours are from 14:40 to 18:40.It is a city suitable for living and tasting life.





Yinghu Ecotourism Area, located at the foot of Tianzhu Mountain, 18 kilometers southwest of Ankang City, is the largest freshwater artificial lake in Northwest China after the completion of Ankang Hydropower Station. Around the eco-tourism area is the Ankang Hydropower Station Dam, which is known as "the first dam in Shaanxi Province". Every time the flood is released, the thunder is in full swing and magnificent. It is surrounded by low mountains, gentle slopes and dense vegetation. It is a good place to cool down in summer. There are also many restaurants in the scenic area, where visitors can taste the Yinghu produced silverfish, cinnamon and other lake freshness.


XiangXi Cave(香溪洞)



Xiangxi Cave Scenic Spot is situated on Mount Yiba in the South and Hanshui in the north. Mountains surround the scenic area, with mountains and mountains. Streams beneath the mountains are winding, and wild flowers and herbs among the valleys are of brilliant color. Legend has it that Lu Dongbin once became immortal in this monastery. Later generations built bridges and buildings here, drilled rocks and opened caves, known as "Xiangxi Cave". Xiangxi Cave is a Taoist cave. According to the existing inscriptions and local chronicles, it has been established for more than 500 years. After various generations of fur building, terraces, pavilions, bridges and caves are all available.



Fengyan Old Terrace Scenic Area is located in Xuanxue Town, Hanyin County. It belongs to irrigation type water resources scenic area. It covers more than 12,000 mu in succession. It is more than 250 years ago. The area of Fengyan Old Terrace is 38.78 square kilometers. It is the largest and most complete terrace discovered by Archaeology in Qinba Mountains in Qing Dynasty. In 2014, it was named "China's Beautiful Pastoral" by the Ministry of Agriculture. Founded in the Qing Dynasty, it integrates "mountains, rivers, fields, houses, villages, temples and farmers" and integrates "thick, elegant, interesting, fresh and magnificent".


Urban Characteristic Culture:Ankang Dragon Boat Race

Ankang Dragon Boat Race is a traditional folk cultural activity of Ankang in Shaanxi Province. Dragon Boat Festival was originally designed to commemorate the patriotic poet Quyuan who threw himself into the river because of worrying about the country and the people during the Warring States Period. Later, the Dragon Boat Race gradually developed into a kind of athletic activity. Ankang, located in the Qinba Mountains, is close to Hubei Province and influenced by Chu culture. People have been fond of dragon boat racing since ancient times.


Ankang’s Specialty Foods:


Steamed noodles - an excellent snack with a distinct Ankang flavor. Flour is used as the main ingredient. A little salt water and paste are added. The batter is put into the iron or aluminium round steamed noodles Gong coated with cooking oil on the surface and steamed in a large iron pot. After a few minutes, a round, yellow and soft steamed noodles are ready. Steamed noodles are good or bad, one is gluten, color, and the other is seasoning. Seasonings are very exquisite, boiled vinegar, spicy oil to add unique ingredients, in order to show the taste of steamed noodles. Good seasoning can add to the steamed noodles.




Ziyang steamed pot - This dish is often served on the eve of Chinese New Year, with ingredients like chicken, pig's feet, lotus seed, red and white radish, yellow flower, mushrooms, egg dumplings, water-haired cuttlefish and other dried vegetables. These are often seasoned with fennel, straw fruit, cinnamon peel, pepper, dried pepper and salt. It should be filled in a pot and steamed separately. Truly a distinctive and traditional Ziyang dish.


Other Food Pictures


Specialty Drinks:

Ziyang Tea - a specialty of the region, Ziyang Tea is produced in Ziyang County. The natural selenium-rich soil produces a tea with special health effects. Historically and culturally famous, Ziyang Tea was once a tribute to the court in the Tang Dynasty and one of the ten famous teas of the Qing Dynasty.


Fanhua Bar is a brand-new aesthetic nightlife product created by the largest integrated music entity in China. The representative works of Chinese Romantic Aesthetic Bar is a new chain bar brand launched by Hezheng and Soho Bar, Essential Bar, Nutcracker Music Bar and other well-known brands.


Nutcracker Bar - integrating music, food, wine and performances into a rich nightlife style, Nutcracker Bar provides high cost-effective drinks and delicacies. High-quality wine and catering, musical performances, and featured international artist’s work adorn the walls.






Hanjiang River is the largest tributary of the Yangtze River. The Ankang River divides this small city into two parts, the South and the north of the Yangtze River. Hanjiang Park is just beside the Hanjiang River. It has a wide water area, high air quality and beautiful night scenery. Hanjiang Park is next to the most famous night market in Ankang, Shuiximen - very popular with locals and tourists. Whether it's going to the park, the river, or the night market, there’s always something interesting to experience.


Ankang’s Hi-tech Zone is one of the city’s three public theme parks. Integrating long-standing regional customs, folk culture and traditional architectural forms into the park, this is a site of rich cultural heritage. The lake water is clearm, the gardens are green, and the buildings are unique and modern. It not only improves residents’ quality life, but also enhances the city's green space. Definitely one of the most beautiful features of Ankang.




Ankang’s taxis are usually green with orange highlights. Rates start at 6 RMB, and while taxi drivers generally don't speak English, they can read and understand maps if you’re able to provide them with one.



One of the best ways to travel in and around Ankang. At 1-2 RMB per trip, the busses are timely and affordable. There is a bus stop right outside of the school, with busses servicing many areas of the city.


What else I can go and see?


Xi’an - 4 hours by train

Ankang to Xi'an by train takes about 4 hours. During public holidays, it’s easy to take a short trip and visit the city or our other Aston schools. One of the best tourist destination in China, people flock to visit sites such as the Qinshihuang Mausoleum, Terracotta Warriors and Horses, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Little Wild Goose Pagoda, and the Daming Palace Site.


Hanzhong - 4 hours by bus

Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province, is located in the Qinba Mountains. Famous for it’s crops of rapeseed, the city produces an annual oil yield of 144,000 tons. Every spring, the blooming rapeseed blossoms, wheat seedlings and the green hills form a beautiful mosaic of geographic features.

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