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Liu'an (simplified Chinese: 六安; pinyin: Lù'ān) is a prefecture-level city in western Anhui province, People's Republic of China, population 2006: 181,303. It borders the provincial capital of Hefei to the east, Huainan to the northeast, Fuyang to the north, Chaohu to the southeast, Anqing to the south, and the province of Henan to the west. Although the character "六"(meaning six) is usually pronounced "Liù", the pronunciation is changed "Lù" because of the variation in the local dialect. The prefecture-level city of Liu'an administers 7 county-level divisions, including 2 districts and 5 counties. Liu'an offers a slice of typical Chinese life and the rapid development of the city as well. It is also a nation-famous garden city and the cradle of China revolution.

People in Liu'an like to live relaxed lives. All are familiar with the crowded. The people are friendly and hospitable. Foreign faces are rarely seen here, because there is a college and a lot of foreign friends choose to come here. Besides ,English students all over the city want to take the opportunity to practice their English. It's easy to make friends, and this leads to great opportunities to develop (or start learning!) Chinese. The weather here is always fine and people here like to go to parks to enjoy the warm breeze and the beautiful scene.

The city has lots to offer. Countless restaurants line every street and the cost of living in Liu'an is very low. Meals in restaurants and rides in taxis are all very cheap. Living costs in China vary greatly and Liu'an is definitely at the cheaper end of the scale. A taxi fare to almost anywhere in the city will come to 5 RMB – around 0.7945 dollar or 0.603 euro. Around the city there are many restaurants to try and countless more dishes to taste. We have Moslemic restaurants, Sichuan cuisine,Anhui cuisine is known for its use of wild game and herbs, both land and sea, and comparatively unelaborated methods of preparation. But, if you're not in the mood for noodles or rice, it's easy to head over to McDonald's, KFC or alike. At night why not head over to 'BBQ Street' where outdoor-grilled BBQ and live musical entertainment is available until the early hours of the morning, with plenty of cheap alcohol too!

Shopping in Liu'an is also a great experience. Food streets and shopping streets are distributed everywhere in the city. There is also the biggest shopping centre in Liu'an, called “Red Street”, just behind our school! Want something western or hard-to-find? No problem. Jump on the high-speed train and you're in Hefei city half an hour later. You can enjoy the large range of shops Hefei has to offer, and then head back to your relaxed Liu'an life.

Around the city you'll find mountains, rivers, lakes and big parks. Liu'an is the central city of Dabie Mountain –nation-famous red tourist attractions. The world-famous Mt. Huang is not far from here. During your weekend, a far-speed train can be easily taken to there and come back before working days. You have enough time! We have many specialties here, just like: Yingjia Gongjiu (white spirit) Dendron (herb), Smelly tofu and the top-ten green tea in China called Liu'an Guapian, which used to be as a national present.




March Semester 2014
Various Locations
7 to 9K RMB p/m

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