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Huainan is one of China’s newest energy bases, it is an important industrial city in the Anhui province, which provides over 10,000 industrial products. The main provider is coal mining/ energy plants, and pharmaceutical production, but also produces building materials, textiles, machinery, electronics, light manufacturing, and the constant advancement of new high- tech technology.

Huainan is also a big producer of rice, wheat, and rape. On top of that, they raise their own cattle, including Ox, Goats, Cows, including milk production, and also farms freshwater aquaculture.


Huainan has several awards for the following; ‘National Science and Technology advanced city award’, the ‘National Landscaping design advanced city’, the ‘Provincial civilized advanced city’, the ‘Provincial garden city’, “National garden city’, and the ‘National social security and Comprehensive management advanced city’.

There are five regions in the city, a national comprehensive experimental area, and three provincial economic development zones, the total population is 2.4 million, which contains 1.3 million urban residents, and 2585 total square kilometers.

In 1984, Huainan was approved by the State council as a “Major City”, enjoying its own local legislation.

It is a Powerful Cultural City, promoting the ancient traditions used today in 'Huainan Zi' (which is a book about Huainan’s history) and publishing it energetically to expand its influence.

Local artists are famous for making flower drum lanterns, and also it is popular with children's art.

In the local area, the Bagong Mountain is a very popular tourism destination, and has a traditional cultural background.

Also the home of Tofu (which is made from white bean curd), it's famous all over China, and the world, they produce many different types, and varieties. Tofu culture dates back over 2,000 years, preserving its tradition, and sticking to it strongly. Every year, a festival takes place here to celebrate the great Tofu. Famous people from all around China come to play!




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