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Huaibei is situated at the upriver area of the Huai River water system, and its geographic position is longitude. 116°23′-117°23′ east and latitude. 33°16′-34°14′north. Accordingly. Huaibei has a mild climate, with an urban population of 719,600.

Huaibei borders the Yangtze River Delta to the east and servers as a stepping-stone connecting the north to south as well as linking the east with the west. It is located at the heart of the Huaibei economic zone which is home to 20 middle-scale citis and a total population of 200 million, and just at the gateway for the capital from costal area to enter into a vast hinterland and a huge poptential market.

Huaibei is also an important player in the regional transport network. At the junction of the fujia and Qingfu railways, it connects, to the north, the Longhai railway,known as the Euro-Asia Continental Bridge, and to the east, the Beijing-Shanghai railway, a major transport artery of China.Moreover, it is facilitated by two inter-province highways, namely the Lianhuo Freeway and Jingfu-Freeway. Not far from Huaibei, there are four airports situated respectively in Nanjing, Hefei, Zhengzhou and Xuzhou.

Huaibei adheres to the people-first and environment-friendly principle in its urban construction, and effectively pushes forward the social development and environmental protection in a harmonious manner. A picturesque garden city structure has been emerging in Huaibei.






March Semester 2014
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