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Guiyang is a modern capital city in southwest China. It is a city of contrast in many ways – old bricked alleyways and weathered homes running underneath ultramodern skyscrapers, and a prosperous 21st century city set among one of the most undeveloped regions of China. This is the political, cultural, and economic centre of Guizhou Province.Located in the geographic centre of province it governs, Guiyang enjoys a relatively mild climate year round. Due to its high elevation summers stay comfortable and winters rarely dip below freezing.

Walking the streets of Guiyang is a fascinating mix of people. Prosperous business people, workers, fashion conscious woman, students, and Miao people in full costume can be seen any time of day. Foreigners are still a rare sight and are greeted with a mixture of curiosity and hospitality that helps make daily life in Guiyang a very special experience.

Although there is a Wal-Mart and several KFCs, Guiyang remains quintessentially Chinese. For many this is a refreshing aspect of life here and part of the allure, others find it a little more challenging than they anticipated. The city has a vibrant night life with bars, nightclubs, street vendors and restaurants operating to all hours. The local food is wonderful, especially the hot pot and ci wawa pancakes.

The surrounding region is astonishingly beautiful and a true highlight of China. Once you are out of the city a breathtaking landscape of terraced farms and karst mountains is revealed. Travel throughout the province is rewarding. It’s 2½ hours to Anshun, Zunyi, and Kaili by train or bus. Overnight trips to an incredible number of interesting places are easily arranged. There are traditional villages not far outside the city limits. Guiyang is a very central to many cities in south western China, with Chongqing, Chengdu, Changsha, Guilin, Nanning and Kunming overnight train rides or quick flights away.




March Semester 2014
Various Locations
7 to 9K RMB p/m

  • Free Shared Housing
  • 23 to 28 hour work week
  • No Hidden Hours
  • Sponsored Z Visa
  • Airport Pickup
  • Multiple Provinces
  • Free Chinese Classes
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